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How To Create The Perfect Home Cinema


Are you an ardent love of cinema who just cannot cram up the genius masterpieces of great filmmakers on the meagre screen size of a television or laptop? If yes, a home cinema is just the thing for you. A home theatre setup is not a luxury anymore, thanks to affordable and reliant technology that can help you piece up everything instantly. Moreover, with theatres being shut due to the pandemic , setting up home theatre has become a top priority for many.

If you are one of them looking to remodel your living room to incorporate an excellent home cinema, stick with us, and we will tell you how. Ahead is a practical guide to set up your home cinema – what are you waiting for?

1. Zero down on the location of your home cinema

Zero down on the location of your home cinema  – Live More Zone

For this, the ideal space of the given room should be 20 feet long by 13 feet wide. You can either convert a spare room in a home theatre or, if you have the option, convert a second floor of the house into one. The idea behind the selected location of the home cinema is that it is a bit detached from the rest of the home so that your viewing experience is not disturbed.

2. Sound Systems

Sound Systems  – Live More Zone

Next in the guide on setting up your home theatre comes one of the most crucial steps – insulating and soundproofing. You are rewiring the room where your home theatre will help you block excess and unnecessary sound from outside and ensure that the entire house is not rocked when watching those high-octane action thrillers. For this, insulation and soundproofing the room will go a long way. In case you have hollow doors, replace them with solid block doors.

3. Ambient Lights

Ambient Lights  – Live More Zone

Next up on how to set up a home theatre is to block ambient light. In most remodelling projects, people are looking to add more sources of ambient and natural light. In your home cinema, you would want either a negligible amount of light or none at all. Thus, choose a room with fewer windows or go for a space like your basement. And if neither of these holds, invest in light-blocking curtains and shades to ensure excellent viewing pleasure.

4. Add your gadgets for optimum viewing pleasure

 	Add your gadgets for optimum viewing pleasure – Live More Zone

A home theatre setup is simply not complete without surround-sound equipment and, of course, a video projector. Invest in a 7.1 surround sound system with a subwoofer, seven different channel speakers – left, right, centre, two rear, and surround sounds each. Bring in the other equipment like the HDMI cable for your video projector and set it up in your home cinema.

Choosing a hub spot for your A/V equipment is also essential. Keep it close to the plug point or conceal it in a cabinet. This is where the central control of the entire home theatre system rests.

5. Hanging your large screen is the final touch

	Hanging your large screen is the final touch  – Live More Zone

You can go for the 110-120 inches for the best viewing experience. Ensure it is right in the home theatre centre and a reasonable distance from where you will make the seating arrangement. The projector screen should be connected to the received in your equipment hub. This hub will allow you to stream high-definition movies from various channels like BluRay player, cable/satellite feed, home theatre PC and your game console as well.

6. Seating

Seating  – Live More Zone

Your seating arrangement in the home theatre kind of makes or breaks your entire viewing experience. If you want to go for the professional setup, opt for plush and comfy single chairs with cupholders and armrests. In a 20 by 13 home theatre, you can easily fit in two rows of seats like this one. Or, if you feel like creating a snug and cosy home cinema where you plan to chill with your fam and friends, go for large, plush and comfortable sofas where everyone can spread out and watch their favourite movies. You can always go for bold colours for the latter kind of setup.

Last but certainly not least, complete your home theatre setup with your shelf of DVDs and CDs of all the classic movies you are planning to watch. Of course, there is always Netflix, Prime and Hotstar among the various streaming services to provide you with endless choices, but there is great pleasure and pomp in watching a movie in the old-style.

Creating a home theatre is an experience in itself. And it is one of those joys that is not limited to only the rich and opulent. Thanks to accessible technology and a little bit of investment, it can be created by people who genuinely want to have one. Shop for all the furniture for your home theatre from digibank by DBS. Check out all the promotional offers live at the site right here.



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