13 July 2020 | 4 min read

How To Deal With Loneliness During Covid


We are emerging from a long albeit necessary period of staying indoors at all times. And while times are still bleak with cases soaring every single day, try to remove this corona depression and let us focus on the positive. Practicing social distancing is the best thing to do, whether staying home or stepping out. And if you are missing your family for a little too much, reach out and talk to them.

If you are looking for an answer for how to deal with loneliness, we have put together some options that have helped us feel connected. These different ways to deal with loneliness during covid are the best.

Best Ways To Deal With Loneliness:

1. Bring Back The Magic Of Letter Writing

Bring Back The Magic Of Letter Writing - Live More Zone

If you are someone who loves writing or have just started experimenting with this new activity, send hand-written letters {make it as long as you want} to your family members. This is especially wonderful if everyone is sequestered in different parts of the country. It brings out a lot of emotions and imitating the beautiful days of yore is a good idea right now. Be creative, use colours, drawings, and your imagination!

2. Video Call Your People

Video Call Your People - Live More Zone

Video calls with our family and friends have become our new favourite hobby. This is proven to be the best way to deal with loneliness. Before COVID-19, we would shudder at the sound of our phone alarming us to a FaceTime call … you mean someone wants to talk to me? And see my face? Instead of texting? The audacity. Sure, you can communicate with people over text if you prefer, but the authenticity of video calls and seeing my people in real-time is unmatchable. During social distancing, we have used video calls to connect with everyone in our social circles.

3. Have Watch Parties With The Family 

Have Watch Parties With The Family  - Live More Zone

Remember those times when you used to cuddle in front of the couch with your sister and parents to watch old classics. This method has proven to be the best way to beat loneliness. While you cannot cuddle right now, having watch parties with them comes a close second and is something you should do right now. Love comedy shows – here are some recommendations here.

4. Bake Or Cook A Dish Together 

Bake Or Cook A Dish Together  - Live More Zone

If you’ve been on social media lately, chances are you’ve seen a bunch of people who know {and maybe some slightly more famous ones you don’t} trying out bread baking. We, for one, am very much team bread baking {all the time, not just when we’re looking for things to do while we’re staying at home}, but we will admit that we were pretty surprised that it seemed like all of a sudden everyone collectively decided that bread baking was the official social distancing hobby of choice.

So go ahead, now is the time to ramp up your cooking skills, and if you want help, you can always do a video call with your mother. Whether it is baking banana bread or cooking the most delicious chicken curry, you have plenty of time to learn it all on video calls.

5. Learn A Skill From Your Mom

Learn A Skill From Your Mom - Live More Zone

If cooking is not your forte, you can learn knitting or sewing or any other essential skill from your mum. Or teach them something new that you have learnt recently. Of course, making dalgona coffee doesn’t count. You can do better than that.

6. Plant A Garden Over Video Calls 

Plant A Garden Over Video Calls  - Live More Zone

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic things to do right now if you have a penchant for greenery and nature. And being in different cities or countries doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. You can plant the same sapling with your parents or siblings and watch it grow together over video calls.

Order yourself some supplies, watch a few how-to videos, and get going. Bonus: you have fresh fruits and vegetables right from your garden – that’s two birds with one stone.

7. Learn To Be Alone

Learn To Be Alone - Live More Zone

There are countless benefits you can reap from enjoying your own company. Research has shown people who find comfort in solitude are more open-minded, conscientious, and agreeable, plus they’re typically less depressed.

If you’ve struggled with spending time alone in the past, take advantage of this unexpected solo time. Do something that forces you to sit with your thoughts, such as completing a puzzle, crafting or read a book.

And if you genuinely want to take it one step ahead, we recommend that you get health insurance that covers COVID-19 and its impacts, not just for yourself but also for your family. digibank by DBS has one of the best covid insurance that takes care not only of your medications but other costs as well, like screening and tests for COVID. The best way to protect yourself against the virus is by practising social distancing and staying indoors, but health insurance gives you peace of mind in case you get affected by the illness. So, stay home, stay safe and healthy!



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