23 March 2020 | 3 min read

How to Declutter Your Home: 5 Creative Decluttering Tips


Being alone is never fun — especially when it’s during a lockdown, and we can’t even leave our homes to go to the market. But on the bright side, being alone does also free up a lot of time for us to do all the things we’ve been planning for months, but have never got a chance to do.

And on top of our mind, cleaning your home might seem like a good start. Sure our houses are cleaned every day, but how often do we go beyond the surface? Some of these tips can help you not just clean your home in the next few days, but also help declutter it, which is way more important, and will improve things in the long run.

1. Take Before And After Photos

Take Before And After Photos - Live More Zone

This will help you understand how many things are lying around that you didn’t need there in the first place. Start small, maybe with your bedside table, and eventually move on to more messy areas like the kitchen. Once you get an idea of how to clean one section of your house has the potential of being, you’ll have the motivation to clean everything else.

2. Throw At Least Two Things Every Day

Throw At Least Two Things Every Day - Live More Zone

Old cables, plastic junk, and floating pieces of paper are things no one needs in their house. In case you have too much of this stuff lying around, start small, by deciding to part with a couple of things every day. Once your home is free of all old junk, you’ll have the space to start redecorating.

3. Take One Thing At A Time

Take One Thing At A Time - Live More Zone

Trying to declutter your whole home in one shot can be overwhelming, and probably make you want to give up. Instead, start one drawer at a time, and follow tip one, and you’ll get the motivation to follow through on the plan.

4. Throw Away All Expired Products

Throw Away All Expired Products -Live More Zone

When cleaning your kitchen or medicine cabinet {you can always order medicines home here}, make sure you look out for products that are past their expiry date and get rid of them immediately. Apart from being a health hazard, they’re also taking up precious space that could be used for other things. It’s also the easiest way to start decluttering a very messy home.

5. Make Use Of Storage Space

Make Use Of Storage Space - Live More Zone

Sure this is something you can’t change overnight and depends heavily on how much storage space you have in the first place. But most of us tend not to make the best use of whatever space we have. Once the clutter is cleaned up in the cupboards and wardrobes, you’ll be left with a lot more storage space, leaving all surfaces in your home absolutely clean.



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