21 April 2020 | 4 min read

How To Get Good Sleep


You might be taking all the multivitamins, washing your hands with the diligence of a star employee, using the skipping rope after 20 years to get moving, and doing everything to keep up your spirit and immunity during the Corona crisis. Still, if you aren’t getting a good sleep, you could be undoing all of this model behaviour.

Most recently, the relationship between sleep and your likelihood of contracting the dreadful virus is coming to light as scientists agree that the sleep-deprived often land up with low immunity, thus leaving them more vulnerable to not just seasonal sniffles but also COVID-19. Add to this finding the truth that with the whole work from home situation, our sleep cycles are awry.

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So, don’t ignore the power of a well-rested body lest your immunity takes a beating. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get good sleep.

1. Cut Out That Light

Cut Out That Light – Live More Zone

Quarantine, especially if you’re alone, is hard. We’re all guilty of overdosing on Netflix or mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or just checking in to see what our friends are up to on Snapchat. Still, if you’re on your phone, laptops, or other LCD devices too close to sleep time, the blue light will keep your brain awake for longer and a good sleep will be difficult to get (light is body’s cue to be awake and dark signals rest). This is why it’s essential to be your parent and remind yourself to keep electronic devices away a couple of hours before you crawl into bed to get good sleep. If you must, pick up a book or an e-book reader instead.

2. Monitor Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine Intake – Live More Zone

The temptation of sneaking in a couple of extra cigarettes because of stress or downing more coffee because you’re bored is often tempting. But unless you’re prepared to toss and turn and be wrapped up in an existential crisis at 3 am, nicotine and caffeine are best avoided, especially close to bedtime. Ensure you have a cut off time for that last cuppa so your body can prepare to wind down. This is a great way to get a sound sleep and one of the best tips for good sleep.

3. Sip Some Warm, Calming Tea

Calming Tea – Live More Zone

Certain teas are known to have calming properties, and we all know that person who’ll vouch for better sleep post a warm cup of lavender tea. Whether you decide to laze in bed with your Kindle and some camomile or are just wondering if herbal remedies work to beat insomnia, these teas are worth a shot.

Combine this with some sleep meditation or breathing exercises, and you might be snoozing off sooner than you’d imagine. You can easily buy one online or from your nearby daily stores as well. This is one of the best sleeping tips.

4. Get Some Exercise In The Day

Exercise – Live More Zone

Aside from having a regular waking and sleeping schedule, what’s known to help night owls is being active. Ideally, experts recommend starting your day with a mild or moderate form of exercise to get those endorphins jumping. Sign up for Cult fitness here

While 30-45 minutes of a workout seems to work for most, remember not to do strenuous activities too close to your sleep time – this can mean you end up too tired and awake to doze off. The question of how to sleep well will be answered by trying this as this will ensure that you get good sleep.

5. Keep Your Room Dark, Cool & Comfy

Keep Your Room Dark – Live More Zone

Too much light coming in through the curtains? Is the AC display blindingly bright? Is your pillow feeling old and lumpy? Does it get too warm in the middle of the night? All these could interfere with the quality of sleep and keep you awake at night. This tip will help you get good sleep.

So ensure your bedroom is dark, the AC is set on an optimum (cool-ish) temperature, and your mattress isn’t hard as a rock or soft as a cloud to get good sleep.



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