25 January 2021 | 4 min read

7 Best Ways To Save Electricity At Home


The deeds we today are going to echo in posterity. Not just the great acts like standing up for something that is not right (and in our current political and pandemic scenario, that is a lot of things) but the minor and trivial actions we take in day-to-day life. Like switching off the electricity when we are not using it or protecting the environment by planting trees and signing petitions so that widespread deforestation in the wake of capitalism stops.

As they say, we have not inherited our time and space on Earth from our forefathers, but borrowed it from future generations. And if you are not paying heed, we might as well not leave anything good for them. This is why conserving electricity and doing every little bit is essential for us today.

Before you embark on installing solar panels and taking care of greenhouse gas emissions, pause and try to make small changes. These little tips will not only help the environment but also save you thousands of bucks over time. Not just tweet or regram ‘Save Electricity’ when it is Earth Day or something similar, but take action and do your bit. Start with these small tips on how to save electricity.

7 Best Ways to Save Electricity at Home

1. Switch to natural light whenever you can.

Switch To natural Light – Live More Zone

This is the easiest and the most basic of the steps when it comes to ways to save electricity. Not only for ventilation, but the sunlight you get in winters through the door or the window is right for your skin and helps you do all of your tasks. Ensure you are letting it in as and when required instead of relying on lamps and shades in the house.

2. Mind the usage of your AC and heaters.

Usage Of AC – Live More Zone

If you have a thermostat on your AC, use it to regulate the temperature. Ensure that your curtains are on and windows when you step out in the summer, doors are shut. This ensures your house doesn’t heat up and you use the AC less. Also, invest in getting your AC filters changed every few months and doing the legwork before peak summers to save you time and money on your electric bill.

3. Take charge of your refrigeration.

Refrigeration – Live More Zone

You don’t need everything to be frozen and too chilled to enjoy it. Thus, make sure your fridge is at the base and ideal temperature at all times, i.e., 2-3 degree Celsius for the refrigerator and -18 degree Celsius for the freezer.

4. Switch to microwave from your oven.

Microwave – Live More Zone

A one-time investment but it is bound to save you quite a few bucks over the year. The time it takes for something to heat up in a microwave is comparably less than an oven. The difference is of more than 20-30 minutes. Now, you know which one is a smarter choice if you want to save money on electricity.

5. Plug off all the devices when you are not using them:

Plug Of All The Devices – Live More Zone

Simple, concise, and the most fundamental of electricity-saving tips. Make sure your switchboards and other multi-faceted plugs are switched off when you are not using them. If you can (and you should), switch from your old bulky desktops to a compact laptop. The latter saves you both space and energy.

6. Make sure you are optimizing your usage of the washing machine, dishwashers, and other large appliances.

Optimize Usage – Live More Zone

Simply tossing clothes every two days and running half loads is not only costing the environment but your electric bill as well. This is why it is essential to take charge and run full loads (once a week) to reduce the electricity bill. Try and hang dry your clothes instead of the dryer. This also saves you electricity.

7. Pop in for colder showers.

Colder Showers – Live More Zone

It might sting a bit initially, but cold showers are way better than hot showers when you get used to it. Plus, you will be knocking off the meter on your geyser, which is another essential tip on how to reduce the electricity bill. Of course, in the winters, you can reduce your shower time and geyser usage instead of giving it up completely.

Apart from this, if you can go the extra yard, there are various ways you can save money on the electricity bill. Invest money in gardening, even if you have a small balcony. The greens around your house will help in cooling your home a little in the summers. Save water as and when you can and install solar panels if it is feasible. All of this goes a long way when it comes to conserving energy, knocking off a few thousand from your electric bill, and helping the environment breathe. Each little deed counts! Head to DBS to check out their sustainability approach and their constant endeavours to promote responsible practices.



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