8 May 2020 | 5 min read

A 10 Point Guide To Start Your Own YouTube Channel


With the current lockdown scene taking place around the world, working from home and banking on your creativity as much as you can is an excellent way to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with the uncertainty of these times. Starting your own YouTube channel is one way to beat the blues productively and creatively.

Here are a few tips for you if you plan to start your YouTube journey in the coming days.

: Checklist to follow while creating a YouTube channel

1. Well-Planned Content

Well-Planned Content

Before you create your YouTube channel, you should be decided on the kind of video content that you wish to show. Naturally, you would want more followers and views. The best way to do that is to keep your content exciting and engaging. The more your content is relatable, the people can relate to it, the more they’ll want to click on it and watch until the end.

2. Stick To Your Theme

Stick To Your Theme

It always helps if you have a theme for your channel. For example, your channel may be dedicated to travel, art, tutorials, or even your daily life; the point is – don’t get distracted and strictly stick to the theme you’ve decided. Consistency makes your channel look up-to-date and professional. This makes people want to follow and look forward to your next post.

3. Get The Right Equipment

Get The Right Equipment

Investing in the right equipment to shoot videos ensures that your viewers enjoy your content. A lot of YouTubers use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, along with other accessories for videography – like, tripods, lenses, a microphone, and studio lighting. However, do remember that despite having the right equipment, other things like audio quality and lighting are equally important.

If these details aren’t fine-tuned, viewers might lose interest after the first few seconds and won’t subscribe to your channel at all.

4. Inspiration Is Everything

Inspiration Is Everything

Coming up fresh, exciting content every once in a while can be very challenging. But let that not worry you too much. The key is to look for inspiration everywhere—even when you’re not recording. Make a list of your ideas, check out other YouTubers’ videos, take some time to breathe, and do nothing.

This will refresh your mind and help you come up with new ideas. Most importantly, do not compare your videos with others. As long as you like and enjoy what you are doing, the result will be great, and it will come organically.

5. Start Easy And Simple

Start Easy And Simple

Just because you have a YouTube channel doesn’t in any way mean that you need super-advanced software {unless you are already a pro at them}. Instead, start with easy editing tools that are user-friendly and deliver the best results. Do your research well before you start.

6. Optimize Optimize Optimize

Optimize Optimize Optimize

A secret to making your videos more visible is to optimize them. This means, as soon as you upload your first video, give it a good, descriptive title that viewers are likely to search in the search bar. Also, include your main keywords or key phrase.

7. Work On Your Network

Work On Your Network

Although YouTube isn’t a social networking site, it is all about networking and connecting if you wish to expand your reach. To be a successful YouTuber, you need to make an effort to build and expand your network. Collaborations prove effective in helping a channel grow and gain new subscribers because it helps both collaborators gain exposure. For this to work, talk to other creators, make friends, and don’t be afraid to contact other YouTubers to ask for a possible collaboration.

8. Connect With Your Subscribers

Connect With Your Subscribers

Over time, slowly but surely, you’ll gain followers and comments and messages from fans on your videos. You may even get some fan mail. As much as you can, do take the time and make an effort to respond to each message/comment. Your social media accounts work as an extension of your YouTube channel, so try to share tidbits of your life on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

These interactions are essential as they help your subscribers learn more about you. That apart, it can help you foster a sense of community and online friendship among your little online community. After all, it isn’t enough that they like just your content; they should think you as a likable, relatable person too.

9. Keep Titles and Opening Credits Short

Keep Titles and Opening Credits Short

Attention spans are short. A long title or credit sequence at the beginning of a video can cause people to lose interest. Also, a long opener discourages binge watching because people don’t want to watch the same long sequence over and over.

Instead, make your opening title and credits short and punchy. Make sure that your whole opener no longer than five seconds.

10. Be Regular

Be Regular

An essential tip is to be consistent with uploading your videos. No matter how flawed you think your content is, it is still critical that you keep getting it out there. This will make your viewers appreciate the fact that you are sincere about your channel and are making an effort.

Also keep in mind that every YouTube channel, no matter how big or small, has to face some negative comments and reactions. Just make sure that you ignore all negativity strictly and not let any discouraging comments or naysayers steal your spirit and passion.



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