24 June 2020 | 5 min read

10 Ways To Stay Positive And Fight Off Negativity From The News


When all news starts to seem like bad news, it is challenging to keep your spirits up. Against the backdrop of the nationwide lockdown  and social distancing norms, we can’t help continually refreshing our timelines for new information. When all we can find is grim news from around the world, anxiety and worry are sure to follow. 

While it is natural to feel overwhelmed by the news, we should learn to acknowledge our anxiety and know when to stop inflicting stress upon ourselves. We mustn’t ignore our mental health and take charge of looking after ourselves. Here is a list of ten coping mechanisms that you can try if you are feeling overwhelmed by the news.

Don’t Be a News Junkie

The first thing to do is limit the activity that is presenting itself as a source of anxiety and mental unrest. Try to reduce the time you spend reading the news and opt for reading something else, like a book or a magazine. There is no need to keep checking the news on an hourly basis, and it is fine to disconnect and not be updated on every single issue.

No More Notifications

By turning off push notifications from your news apps, you will make a massive difference to your state of mind. Push notifications are known to be stress-inducing and make us very anxious. A pile-up of notifications may create undue stress due to information overload, disrupting your daily activities. 

Tip – Choose a digital mode of payments like UPI – we also recommend you switch to digital banking – it will help you stay updated on all your banking needs, without having to go to a physical bank. From transferring money to your friends/family to taking a loan, digibank lets you do everything from your app. Download digibank here.  

Connect With Your Loved Ones

You can talk about whatever you want (sometimes just talking about the weather and your favourite shows/books helps too), but sometimes staying informed on what’s going on in the lives of your friends and family can help you tackle those feelings of isolation and loneliness. Give a call to a friend, get on a Zoom call, or reach out via text—you’ll feel aeons better knowing your friends and family are there for you in whatever capacity you need it.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Research indicates that staring at our phone screens right before bed disrupts our sleep cycle. If you are choosing to read the news right before bed, you will find it hard to fall asleep and wake up feeling agitated and anxious. So please make it a point to steer clear from your phones right before bed. Social distancing from news is also a good idea. 

Donate To Causes


We are going to being honest – the year 2020 might be turning out to be a little hopeless, especially if you are always tuned into the current affairs. But knowing you can make a difference in people’s lives without having to leave your home {which is also saving lives, by the way,} might make things feel a bit more bearable. 

Support local and small businesses whenever you can buy gift cards for your hair and nail salons, favourite small coffee shops, and other places you frequent regularly. Small random acts of kindness can help people and us around us to leave the negativity behind and focus on the positive. We all need to be there for each other. 

Chores Aren’t a Chore

Technology has made it impossible for us to switch off from the online world completely, and there is a constant barrage of information from all our news apps and social media. This information overload can be very stressful.

So if you are feeling too anxious, switch off your phone or put it away for a little while and distract yourself with cleaning the house, or cooking a nice meal, or just binge-watching your favourite show. 

A Little Help from Your Friends

On days where everything is too much to handle, take a breath and talk to your loved ones. You shouldn’t feel shy about expressing your feelings, especially a time when the whole world is going through a collective traumatic experience. Be kind to yourself, let your family and friends in, and allow them to take care of you. Social distancing might be tough but with technology we can always stay connected to people that matter. 

Find Your Peace

It is essential to pause and take a deep breath from time to time. We are so caught up with our endless to-do lists, even in these social distancing days that we forget to breathe and focus.

Meditation encourages mindfulness and helps achieve a mentally calm and stable state. It also helps in significantly reducing anxiety. It will help you centre yourself and enable your mind to clear the accumulated clutter. Knowing when to switch off is important and while social distancing may have changed all the rules, doing what is good for your mental peace is equally important as well. 

Try A New Recipe

This one is pretty obvious, but there’s a reason it works: cooking {especially baking} takes focus, and putting your time and energy into something else is just what you might need at this time. We recommend these recipes for baking bread, and these for cooking {and these if you haven’t stepped foot in a kitchen until the last few weeks}. 

 Seek the Silver Lining

It is essential to divert your attention to all the good happening in the world. We lose sight of all the things that are right and good as we are too distracted by everything terrible. There is nothing wrong with seeking out the uplifting and good news that instils faith in us and reassures us that this also shall pass. So look ahead and don’t let the new social distancing norms and rules discourage you further – we will survive the current times and emerge stronger – keep the faith. 



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