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How To Stop Ageing Naturally


Fearing even a few wrinkles and sagging skin is very common. But did you know that ageing is so much more than just that? To stop ageing isn’t about trying to mimic a 20-year-old. It is all about enjoying every single day as it comes and feeling your best, which in turn reflects on your overall look as well.

Unlike popular belief, you don’t need a bunch of chemicals to make you look younger. So, how to stop ageing naturally? You can do that with this great list of ways that work from within, especially for your skin.

1. See Your Health Expert Regularly

See Your Health Expert Regularly  – Live More Zone

Believe it or not, getting regular health checks is an essential part of the reverse ageing process easily. Regular reviews with your doctor can help them find problems (if any) early or even before the onset. Of course, your health checks will depend on many things like your age, lifestyle, family history, and any existing health conditions. Your doctor will suggest the health checks required for you. These health checks also include regular visits to the dentist.

Apart from your regular brushing and flossing habits, you must get your teeth cleaned every six months. The dentist will also check if you’re susceptible to any gum infections, which have been linked to heart disease, bacterial pneumonia, and even stroke. That apart, poor dental hygiene is one of the most significant contributors to early ageing.

2. Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin  – Live More Zone

You’ve got to love your body’s largest organ first if you wonder how to stop ageing naturally. If cared for well, it protects you from several external elements, helps regulate your body temperature, and maintain hydration – all must-haves for a great looking body.

Do not forget to wear eco-friendly, hypoallergic sunscreen every time you step out. UV rays cause more damage to your skin than anything else, and it is the most significant contributor to skin ageing. One of the biggest skin nourishers is water. Drink at least  6-7 glasses of water every single day to stay hydrated.

3. Don’t Skip Exercise

 Don’t Skip Exercise – Live More Zone

at least 4-5 hours of moderately intense physical activity per week, isn’t just your answer to ‘how to stop ageing’ but also significantly reduces your risk of life-threatening diseases like heart disease and cancer. Regular workouts also help you retain your mobility longer as ageing tends to reduce it. Working out regularly is also responsible for improving sleep, lowering stress and promoting a good mood – all responsible for a flawless looking, happy personality.

Easy and simple exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, dancing, skipping, cycling are doable in the comfort of your home. Older adults, especially those over the age of 55/60 years, should also focus on physical activities that involve balance training, apart from aerobic and bone and muscle strengthening.

4. Eat Wisely

Eat Wisely  – Live More Zone

Nothing can reverse ageing naturally as well as healthy eating habits. A daily diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens, lean protein like fish and beans, chicken, whole-grain cereals every day, low-fat milk and milk products  like cheese, curd, etc., healthy fats like olive oil, fish, nuts – the magic anti-ageing recipe. Also, restrict your salt intake and consumption of processed foods for the best health benefits.

5. Keep Stress At Bay

Keep Stress At Bay  – Live More Zone

Keeping your stress  levels low and being as happy as you can, can help reverse ageing more than you’d imagine. Find a hobby that you like and are passionate about reading, outdoor activities, dance and others. Not only will it keep you occupied but it will also give you a sense of fulfilment if you’ve retired from your day job. Spend time with friends and family.

Meaningful relationships and socialising can improve mental well-being immensely. Being around pets and kids can instantly uplift mood and reduce the feeling of loneliness. Also, simply have a positive attitude toward ageing. It is inevitable, and learning to embrace and love it is a quick mood-lifter.

6. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

	Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes – Live More Zone

If you’re looking up how to prevent ageing, some lifestyle choices are a must.

– Tobacco and alcohol have both been shown to contribute to premature ageing and an increased risk of ailments. If you are a chronic smoker or alcohol dependent, quit right away. If it seems complicated, talk to an expert and start immediately. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour!

– No matter how boring or difficult it sounds, get started with a meditation and breathing exercise routine. It is unbelievable how much mediation and mindful breathing helps physical and mental health. Studies have shown that regular meditation has reduced fine lines and added a healthy glow to the skin.

7. Sleep Well, Sleep Enough

	Sleep Well, Sleep Enough – Live More Zone

A good night’s sleep is essential not just for your physical but also for your mental health. It plays the hugest role in maintaining the health of your skin and hair. All adults over the age of 18 should aim for at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. A restful night has been proven to lower the risk of heart disease, reduce stress, reduce inflammation, lower the risk of obesity, improve concentration, and generally feel recharged and happy.



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