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Importance Of Renewable Energy For A Safe Environment


We are living on borrowed time from our future generation rings true for a reason. Given the world’s state, irreversible climate change and pollution at an all-time high are all telltale signs of how we need to take action right now.

The question then should not be why the transition to renewable energy is essential, but at what rate? Moreover, when we talk about transition, how inclusive and equitable is it because often, people at the top making the decisions, signing all the treaties are doing it all from a vantage point where they don’t share the lived experiences of people who are facing the harsh realities of climate change.

When we say we want renewable energy, it cannot be for the selected few or the bourgeoisie only because they can afford it, but for those who cannot and need it equally. Thus, the transition to renewable energy is a long path where every factor must be adequately evaluated.

1. Importance of Renewable Energy for a Safe Environment

Importance of renewable energy  – Live More Zone

While the need for renewable energy is glaringly apparent, it is the steps we need to take to harvest all types of clean energy at our disposal. Before we discuss the types of renewable energy, it is imperative to talk about their importance. Renewable energy is essential for a safe environment because it will extend our years on planet Earth. Not only open it but also help create an economy that is sustainable, ecologically conscious and fair. All of this is important so that no man is left behind in our quest to lead a healthier life on a healthier planet.

Moreover, people in dire need of renewable energy live near the factories that produce toxic gasses and byproducts in slums where the wastewater from the plants and mines flows in. All of this further propounds the importance of renewable energy.

2. Types of Renewable Energy

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The sight of wind turbines and solar panels has become increasingly familiar. The latter is being installed at houses and not just large building, but why? Because these two are the technology that has helped us tapping the most vital clean energy available to humankind – wind and solar power. Let us look at all the renewable energy types that will help us turn back the doomsday clock.

  • Wind – the motion of wind turns the turbines of windmills at offshore locations and hilltops, or wherever there is a gusty wind blowing. And it helps in tapping one of the most inexhaustible sources of energy for our use.
  • Solar – Solar cells are used to transform the energy from sunlight into electricity. These cells are usually placed on terraces or where the sun’s heat is the highest, ensuring that the power is tapped and transformed for our use.
  • Biomass – Organic matter is not only biodegradable but also an inexhaustible source of clean energy. With this electricity, biofuels and chemicals are generated to power automobile industries, among others.
  • Hydropower – One of the most commonplace forms of energy in India’s rural areas, hydropower uses the energy from moving water to generate electricity that is inexhaustible and renewable.
  • Geothermal – The energy deep inside the earth is another alternative source of renewable energy, given that it is inexhaustible. And it generates plenty of power for electricity.
  • Ocean – The strong tides generated in the sea are another source of clean energy and can generate power.

All of these energy sources are inexhaustible, but the method and the technology put to use to generate it doesn’t leave behind toxic waste and residue that might further pollute Earth. This and other salient points are the benefits of renewable energy discussed in the next section.

3. Benefits of Renewable Energy

 Benefits of Renewable Energy – Live More Zone

You know its importance, the types, and why we need to make access to renewable energy inclusive, but what are the ultimate benefits of renewable energy?

  • Unlike non-renewable energy, clean energy is clean and green. Still, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and Carbon Dioxide making it an ideal resource of energy for the betterment of Earth.
  • Nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide are released in alarming proportions when fossil fuels or other non-renewable sources of energy are burned. This leads to poor and intolerable quality of air. With clean energy, no such emissions make it excellent for public health wherein we get a cleaner and breathable atmosphere.
  • Once tapped and produced globally, renewable energy will make the economy sustainable the energy prices cheap. Sunlight, wind, water, geothermal energy cannot be bought on the market; thus it is free and abundant in its use. The only predicament would be tapping it effectively, and we will have a sustainable economic model.
  • It is bound to create more jobs in the coming decades as the world shifts to this economic and sustainable energy model.

When it comes to our planet’s health, nothing is better than renewable energy, and with its availability in abundance, it is time we harvest and put it to large-scale use. And while renewable energy might require changes on a larger scale, small changes at our level can also go a long way to conserve our energy. You can start by switching to greener and digital forms of banking – digibank is a bank that operates on your phone, thereby reducing your time spent in bank lines and focuses on digital payments, thereby reducing cheques usage. All this can help make sustainable choices when it comes to suitably impacting our environment. Have you switched to digibank yet?



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