15 May 2020 | 5 min read

12 Indoor Photography Tips That Will Help You Take Stunning Images


The coronavirus pandemic has put all our outdoor plans on hold for the next 3-4 months, at least. Not being able to travel to new destinations, explore the world and click photos of beautiful vistas is one of the things being missed the most, especially if you are a self-proclaimed photographer.

However, if you find joy in clicking things, read this blog to take on some indoor photography tips and tricks to get you started. It would help if you had your camera, your zest for beautiful frames, and some props.

1. Work With Window Light

Window light for photography - Live More Zone

Those #Sunkissed pictures don’t have to be of a person. With daylight pouring in from any window in your home, you can experiment with different objects and create gram-worthy photos. Whether it is a setting for your books, coffee, or a cosy corner, there is plenty to be photographed while you are cooped up indoors. Just start working from the sunroom, i.e., the room where you get the most sunlight.

2. Keep It Minimal

Minimal subjects for photography - Live More Zone

This is one of the things everyone should master, especially in indoor photography. With our eyes seeing just about all the clutter, it becomes impossible for us to weed out the inconsequential items and zoom in on a single subject.

Make use of this quarantine time and learn the art of working with minimal subjects. You will be able to create impactful images just by this technique, not only when you are at home but also on the street.

3. Photograph The Ordinary

Ordinary photograph - Live More Zone

This is the ultimate test of your skills as a photographer. When you don’t have a magnanimous subject to click, you must turn to the ordinary things and bring out the extraordinary in them with the help of your lenses. Look around your home and pick out random things to create a stunning image.

This will also help you appreciate the beauty of small and mundane things that we used to overlook in a hustling life.

4. Experiment With Low Light

photography in low light - Live More Zone

This is where you have to push extra and learn the nuances of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. When working in low light, if you can master the photography techniques, you will be able to create stellar pictures.

Mastering all these settings will help you learn about low light and give you the confidence to work in any setting.

5. Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective- Live More Zone

It’s easy to capture a stunning sunset from your balcony or click a gorgeous shot of the clouds in the sky from your garden. However, if you want to take different pictures, change your eye-level, and look down. Click the grasses, garden, flowers, and earth. You will be able to create surreal shots from different elements of nature.

This also pushes you to work from different angles, and you can click photos from above or lie down on the grass and click photos from the worm’s eye view.

6. Use A Solid Background

Sloid background angle - Live More Zone

When doing indoor photography, you can either use your natural background and fade/ accentuate it or go for a solid colour cloth. White is perfect if you want the emphasis to be on your subject, which can be anything.

7. Use A Different Lens

Use different lens - Live More Zone

For a professional photographer, a particular type of lens becomes their soulmate. But this is the time for adapting to change, and you might as well experiment with a different kind of lens to move out of your comfort zone.

For instance, if you are used to taking pictures of valleys and mountains on your wide-angle lens, change the object of your frame and click photos of people from this. You will be surprised to see the effect of this and environmental images you can create with this.

8. Create Black And White Pictures

black and whie photography - Live More Zone

Shooting black and white pictures will challenge you to focus on lines, patterns, shapes, and textures to keep the viewers glued to your photo due to the lack of vibrant colours.

Mastering these techniques and finer details will set your photos apart, so dedicate a week to click the best black and white images.

9. Dabble With Food Photography

Food photography - Live More Zone

Not just the finished product on a platter with your choice of coffee but the ingredients, food photography is more than the pictures you see on Instagram. If you want to hone your skills, experiment with cut slices of each component, throw in spice bottles and learn the art of framing.

Food photography is art when you can capture the details of every little ingredient that comes together to create that end dish.

10. Use Curtains

Use curtains for photography - Live More Zone

If you are living in a sunshine state, you might get harsh light during the day. You can either use it to your advantage or if you want to mellow it down, use curtains as your tool to moderate the exposure and create some photos with light and shadow effects.

The colour of the curtain will also help you determine the type of exposure your subjects will get. Experiment with this till you get that perfect shot.

11. Experiment With Reflective Surface/Objects

Reflective surface in photography - Live More Zone

Natural light has the power to transform the most mundane thing into something exquisite. Adjust the aperture, ISO of your camera to take close-up shots of simple reflective surfaces/objects. You can capture something as simple as dewdrops on a window and get a great photo. Try it today!

12. Use Reflectors

Use reflectors - Live More Zone

In case you are not getting enough light on one subject of your photo, use reflectors to bounce off the light on it, and you will be in awe with the final result. It is the most inexpensive way to bounce light back on your subject from different angles.

The quintessential thing about indoor photography is to challenge yourself continually. Step out of your comfort zone, and you will blossom. Make the most of this world crisis where everything is in limbo and create art with lenses. Don’t let the creative in you waver, ever!

Tip – Don’t forget to edit your photos before you post them. There are many online apps and software that can help you become a pro in editing photographs. You can also look for amazing offers provided if you want to shop for your photography sessions. So, give them a unique edge over the rest.



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