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7 Best Interior Design Shows On Netflix To Inspire You


Netflix does not always have to be about binge-watching a thriller series or having a movie marathon. If you are a creative soul looking for some inspiration, the OTT platform has a bunch of shows for you. And what is better than a good interior design shows to get your creative juices flowing and find inspiration for your personal space. Plus, they are super entertaining – i.e., the routine of watching these – where mostly the host meets homeowners and maps out a renovation followed by a makeover of homes from scratch is downright soothing.

So, if this is something that interests you, we have shortlisted a few such interior design shows on netflix for you. Read on and pick your favourite to binge on.

1. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Interior design show  – Live More Zone

If you’ve ever tried getting rid of old, unused, unwanted things but haven’t found a way how to, here’s a solution – Marie Kondo. This netflix interior design show is here not just to sort a messy house, but she’s here to make you find joy in your own house by making it look and feel better. She teaches you to find what is best in your house and discard the rest. Surprisingly, it is quite a poignant experience for everyone involved (including the viewers). The life-changing effects and the magic of decluttering can be experienced even purely by watching the woman work her way through seemingly unmanageable messes.

2. Stay Here

Stay Here – Live More Zone

Vacation homes sound like a great idea. But renting out your own home isn’t as easy as renting a holiday home yourself. The show, Stay Here, hosted by designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate professional expert Peter Lorimer, shows homeowners how they can turn their homes into sources of steady income. The show guides you on how to attract potential vacationers to stay on your property.

3. Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract – Live More Zone

Both the seasons of this interior design show will completely blow your mind. But what you should pay special attention to is the interior design episode featuring the legendary Ilse Crawford. The Elle Decoration editor-turned-designer has her signature style seep down to choosing pieces that look stunning and feel fab! Her work has been featured everywhere from The Soho House to Michelin starred restaurants, no wonder feels lived in and super cosy, and you can tell simply by watching it on TV. Crawford will nudge you to get rid of your wobbly bar stools and relax in your softest comforters on a chilly winter weekend afternoon. Don’t miss it.

4. Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors – Live More Zone

If you are a fan of bizarre and eclectic designs, this interior design show on netflix is just perfect for you. You’ll probably binge watch it. Based on a very simple concept, this show has been a top favourite among OTT fans. A typical house that appears pretty plain from the outside is shown. But once you enter it, you see a completely amazing scene. Whimsical styles that are inspired by awe-inspiring interior design ideas blow your mind – designs that use aquariums, rollercoasters, and even crazier things and even funkier design solutions.

5. Tiny House Nation

Tiny House – Live More Zone

This series has been quite a hit for a while now. In this tv show about houses, the hosts travel across the US with a view to help families design, create and construct their own little dream home. But there is a catch. What’s that? The spaces are not an inch larger than 500 square feet. From expensive to not-so-expensive, they have a solution for every requirement. It is not a typical design series but shows that a lot can be done even in the tiniest space and proves that creativity and imagination are more important than size on most occasions.

6. Interior Design Masters

Interior Design Masters – Live More Zone

This show is filled with heart-warming stories, interactive conflicts, and an array of quirky challenges. The judges are all expert designers and have a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to feedback. You will see 10 amateur designers contest for a huge contract. Whether it is minimalism or over-the-top floral prints, you will find a number of tricks and tips here. The whole idea is to show real-life challenges and obstacles that professional designers face when creating the perfect decor. If you find thrill in watching intense competition apart from beautiful designs, you’ll love this show.

7. Grand Designs

Grand Designs – Live More Zone

The show that designer and writer Kevin McCloud present, Grand Designs, shows stories of people who have a vision for their dream home and achieve it entirely on their own effort and planning. The show follows the homeowner’s journey from the dream conception, designing, planning to build the whole structure. And this is all done by the owners themselves. Not all of us can build a house (literally) from scratch, from the ground up, but this series will leave you feeling inspired and wanting to do something with the long-forgotten dream of a cosy home.

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