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Men, Here’s What You Can Do This Weekend Depending On Your Mood


Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in men’s grooming products and specialty salons. And keeping clean in an increasingly dirty city is a hard task, especially in an industry dominated by women’s products. With that in mind, we put together a compilation of some handy men’s grooming brands in the city, to help you stay, and look fresh. That’s not all – we also have a few other fun options like resort getaway and shopping brands that are sure to make your weekend even more memorable. Excited? Let’s go.

Perfect for all men 

A men’s health and wellness brand,, offer subscription boxes based on your specific requirements. Through an interactive quiz, this website helps men to understand their health, sex, and skincare issues – post which you can get customized products to address each problem. So whether you want to solve your issues related to masculinity or want to stop something for your daily hair concerns, they have something for everyone.

The Secret Ingredient

Perfect for the men that love to experiment with organic products 

Trust me, the solution to all your skincare and hair care problems lies within nature’s elements. The Secret Ingredient is a brand that has an extensive product that is all-natural, pure, and handcrafted. They’ve got a range of organic body care products, including handcrafted soaps, serums, scrubs, baby soaps, lip balms. What’s better is that these products can be used year-round, and it lasts long as well.

Tip – Treat yourself this Men’s day and buy them online with your debit card.

Atmantan Resort

Perfect for the men that want to escape the city chaos

Tucked in the Sahyadri mountain ranges, the Atmantan Resort is an idyllic retreat for those who want to escape the city chaos. The resort offers three unique packages. The first is Spa Life, which has a stay of a minimum of three days. This package includes massages, body scrubs, and body wraps. The itinerary is a mix of customised massages and relaxation activities for an individual, as well as group activities like yoga sessions, meditation, and dancing.

If stress is the main culprit in your life, we recommend you opt for the Master Cleanse Package. Think herbal teas, long massages, hot showers, and facials, from anywhere between three to 14 days. It is precisely what you need —you check-in and stay in for the duration of your break, and it doesn’t matter what’s outside.

Shedding those extra kilos and then getting a massage? Count us in. The Weight Balance package involves weight-loss exercise sessions, along with some well-earned relaxation. Sweat out those kilos, grab a juice, and sit by the lake. We think we’ve found our dream gym, and this one can be extended for 28 days – just what you need to feel better, almost instantly.

Tip – The best way to reach the Atmantan Road from Mumbai is via road. You can book cars from and avail 10 percent cashback, only with your card.  


Perfect for the men that love to remain stylish

Every man likes his beard soft, and now you have something to serve that purpose—Beardo, which is a one-stop-shop for all beard barons. A 100 percent natural and safe grooming product in the form of an oil and a wash, it is the best way to ensure your hair {or beard} never has a bad day.

The Beardo Wash has a base of bath salts and a mix of essential oils—various blends include the Black Velvette, Classic, Old Fashioned, Blood and Sand, and the Irish Royale.

As they say, with a great beard comes great responsibility; why not try Beardo?

Price: INR 250 onwards for Oil and INR 350 for Wash; use your debit card and get a 25 percent discount as well.

Simon Carter

Perfect for the men that love to shop

If the world thought good food was the only way to a man’s heart, it’s time to get the facts straight! We’ve seen men drool over some designer jackets and shoes, so if you are one of those guys that always like to keep their style quotient high, we have some exciting news for you. This incredible brand, by the name of Simon Carter, is giving men some serious style goals.

Plus, for those who live by the quality of each item in their wardrobe, this brand is undoubtedly worth your investment. From formal shirts to shoes and even cufflinks and accessories, this one is sure to fit almost any style statement. Happy shopping!

Tip – They’re doing a special offer of a 20 percent discount, exclusively for debit card users, {available only at their stores} – so head out now. More here.


Perfect for the men that love their cars

It is no secret that men love their cars, and GoMechanic is the partner that will ensure that maintenance is nothing but smooth sailing. Whether you need a tyre changed or a dent repaired, Go Mechanic is an online platform that allows people to avail hassle-free, fast, and quality service. They also ensure that they maintain transparency in all their operations.

To conduct seamless operations, GoMechanic has partnered with multi-brand worships that repair, service, and clean cars. The team ensures that the workshops are standardized and provide genuine spare parts, which are directly procured from the Original Equipment Suppliers.

Once the car reaches the service center, the workshop starts filling out the inventory based on needs, and the details are given to the customer. Post-approval, the work begins, and each part of the job can be tracked through an app. The app can also help you track almost everything from the beginning to the end.

Tip – Don’t forget to use code GMDBS and get INR 500 discount – this offer is only for digibank card users. You can start your account here 

All images used are representational in nature. 

by Mary Martina


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