21 January 2021 | 4 min read

6 Fun Ways To Celebrate International Yoga Day


Every day should be a yoga day for a healthy body, mind and soul but having a special day to celebrate reminds us of its importance. Since 2015, every year on 21st June, the whole world celebrates International Yoga Day. It is a great day to start the practice of yoga if you have never done it and get started on your yoga journey.

If you are a regular, you have plenty of reasons to celebrate this special yoga day. With its origins rooted in India, yoga has now gained international popularity and is a widely practiced

discipline worldwide. The unparalleled mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga make it one of the most popular practices worldwide. Now that we have got you excited to start your yoga journey, here are a few fun ways to celebrate International yoga day this year.

1. Start Your Day with Meditation

Start Your Day with Meditation  – Live More Zone

Meditation is the best way to kick-start your International Yoga Day celebrations. The practice of mindfulness and focus is the part of yoga that can be explored via meditation. It helps with reducing stress, anxiety and depression and helps you stay in tune with your emotions.

The mental health benefits of meditation are countless, and if practiced daily, one can understand the art of focus. Meditation is a huge part of yoga, and it is equally important to practice every day like the asanas. It is an exercise for the brain and should be given equal importance. 

2. Join an Online Yoga Class

Join an Online Yoga Class  – Live More Zone

An International yoga day celebration is not complete without actually attending a yoga class. As we are amid a pandemic, we advise you to sign up for an online yoga class. Most yoga trainers offer a free trial which you can try before signing up for their classes. Yoga is a very specialised discipline, and if you are a beginner, it is essential to have a trainer who can teach you the correct forms, which will avoid severe injuries while learning. So try out a class and let yoga rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

3. Buy New Workout Gear

Buy New Workout Gear  – Live More Zone

Treat yourself to some new yoga workout gear and do some retail therapy on International Yoga Day. It is proven that you are more likely to work out if you have exciting equipment. Yoga supplies are fundamental, and all you need is a tank top, comfy shorts or tights, a solid mat and a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Splurge on some yoga supplies, and we guarantee that you will be more regular with those Surya Namaskars and Pranayams.

4. Celebrate Yoga Day with a Friend

Celebrate Yoga Day with a Friend  – Live More Zone

Any form of exercise is more fun with a workout buddy. Celebrate international yoga day with a friend and make a healthy hang out of it. Play some calming music and practice asanas together. You can pick one of the many free Youtube yoga videos available and do a session together. Having a workout buddy keeps you accountable for your practice, and it is a great way to spend time and connect with your friends in a very holistic environment.

5. Try Outdoors Yoga

Try Outdoors Yoga  – Live More Zone

Yoga in the outdoors is a very refreshing experience.  Yoga, fresh air and calming natural surroundings are meant to be combined. You can even make a picnic out of it. Carry a healthy picnic basket with fresh fruits, smoothies, sandwiches etc. and enjoy a lovely post-yoga meal in the outdoors. Be it a park, a beach or just your balcony, yoga in the outdoors is a vibe. This is one of the best ways to celebrate yoga day and also indulge in some me-time while you are at it.

6. Try Different Types of Yoga Poses

 Different Types Of Yoga – Live More Zone

Yoga is a very diverse discipline, and there are many different styles of yoga one can try. Every corner of the world has adopted yoga, so it has transcended several branches, some traditional. In contrast, some have a uniquely modern interpretation of this ancient practice. Aerial yoga, power yoga are perfect examples of newer forms of yoga that are quickly catching on and trending among yoga enthusiasts. You can find out more information on the different types of yoga here.

Make this International Yoga day special and celebrate holistic living with a healthy body, mind and soul. Yoga offers us the tools to combat the stress and anxiety that we feel in our daily lives. It promotes a mindful and calm existence, and it should be a regular part of your life. If you would like to buy new yoga gear, head to digibank by DBS and keep a lookout for various offers and discounts on your favourite e-commerce websites.



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