1 June 2020 | 4 min read

Keep The Germs Away – 8 Items To Disinfect Often


It’s not often that we take the time to notice all the parts of our homes that are just lying around and collecting dust. But there’s no better time than social distancing to try and get some real cleaning done.

It may not seem like it at first, but several surfaces resemble a petri dish of germs, just waiting to spread to other sources. From keyboards to phones, to dinner tables, here are eight things you really should be disinfecting more often to avoid falling ill at home.

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1. Keyboards

Keyboards - Live More Zone

Chances are — primarily if you work from home — that you’re spending a lot of time banging away on the keyboard. Full of wedges, and hidden grooves, the keyboard is very good at collecting dirt, and also one of the toughest things to keep clean. Remember to sanitise it at least once every couple of days to be truly germ free, and wipe carefully!

2. Remote Controls

Remote Controls - Live More Zone

Much like the keyboard, the remote control is another device that ends up being handled several times a day, often without thinking. This makes it a hotbed for germs that spread between members of your family (or whoever takes charge of the remote, at least). It’s also not a device most of us think of sanitising.

3. Cellphones

Cellphones - Live More Zone

Most (if not everyone) of us move around all day with our phones clutched to our sides as if they’re a vital organ essential for our survival. We have entire virtual lives on these devices, so of course, we’re going to carry them around wherever we travel—whether it be a grocery run, a walk with our dog, to the bathroom (don’t lie), or a dramatic shift from our bed to our sofa.

That said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that our phones are one of the germiest things we touch all day. We recommend that you clean your phones by using a microfiber cloth – make sure you restrict the use of water unless your phone is water-proof.

4. Desks

Desks - Live More Zone

Simply running a cloth over all surfaces isn’t enough to kill most of the germs that collect all over the desks and tables in your home. All desks need a little disinfecting every few days. Make sure you start with all drawer handles because of how often they’re touched.

5. Taps

Taps - Live More Zone

It’s very likely that anytime you turn on a tap in your house, your hands are dirty at the time. Still, cleaning taps is not something that immediately strikes you as being a part of the routine. Disinfect all faucets in your house once a week, and you’ll go a long way in living a germ-free life.

6. Packages And Mail

Packages And Mail - Live More Zone

Sure, it may sound a little paranoid but it’s generally good practice to sanitise any packages, or envelopes that are delivered to your home. You never know what germs could have collected on them. It doesn’t have to be a very intense scrub down though, just some light sprinkling will do.

7. Door Handles

Door Handles - Live More Zone

Same logic as taps and drawers: All door handles, and knobs, especially the ones in the bathrooms and kitchen, are likely to be riddled with germs. So the next time you’re taking time out to clean up, don’t forget to wipe them down as well.

8. Chargers

Chargers  - Live More Zone

You must be careful when trying to apply disinfectant to any electronics. But the head of your phone and laptop charges, as well as the cable are another thing we don’t think of disinfecting often. Do it once this week, and you should be completely germ free for the remainder of your lockdown!



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