1 June 2021 | 5 min read

9 Cool Kids Room Design Ideas


Before your kids  take over and start wanting to decorate their own room  with the latest teen pop icon posters (that you’ll probably hate), why not use your DIY skills to add some fun elements to their living space? Trust us, and they’ll love it. Here are some fun kids room ideas to browse through.

PS – Many of the ideas below might require you to purchase some equipment and materials. You can buy them online – just keep your debit card  handy for easy payment options. 

1. A Graffiti Wall

A Graffiti Wall – Live More Zone

There is a hidden artist in every child. Or at least every child wants to explore the secret artist. If you notice, they’re always scribbling or writing or painting on whatever surface they can find easily. If your kid also does something similar, why not give them a dedicated wall for this creative activity?

Just hand them a colourful marker and let their imagination run wild on one wall dedicated to this in their room. This way, they won’t end up scribbling on the rest of your precious surfaces. They will love their room this way because it’ll make them feel like they decorated their room. You can paint one wall with chalkboard paint and give them some coloured chalks. This works great for a black and white kids room design.

2. Keep it Neutral

 Keep it Neutral – Live More Zone

There are chances you might get too excited and get carried away when planning your kids’ room décor. The creative approach might get a little “too creative” and make the kids’ room design appear too cluttered. Why not try a neutral aesthetic? Neutral tones like beige, ash grey, ivory, pale pink, sky blue or pale lilac look very stylish and allow the liberty to add some pop coloured furniture to the kids’ room décor. Also, this plain canvas can quickly transform into something new as your child grows up.

3. Pops of Polka Dots

Pops of Polka Dots  – Live More Zone

If you are looking at fun kids room décor ideas, this one is the cutest. Add bright pops of colour or super bright polka dots to either the furniture or the walls. This will instantly lift the mood. Instead of painting circles directly on the walls, you can consider wall stickers for the kid’s room. This will add a happy energy to the room without overwhelming it. Any kid will enjoy being in this peppy room.

4. Suspended Bunk Beds

Suspended Bunk Beds  – Live More Zone

A lot of parents choose bunk beds for the kids’ room design. Choosing the right bed takes a lot of time and research, and effort. But, you can add a playful twist to the regular bunk beds. Why not suspend it from the ceiling? This funky twist works excellent for small kids room designs. However, we do recommend adding a guarding rail on that top bunk if your kid tends to move around a lot while asleep.

5. Wild in the Jungle

 Wild in the Jungle – Live More Zone

This kids room design can have all the crazy nature elements for your child to monkey around. You can add artificial plants and wooden décor elements, tie a hammock and let them play around. You can even add wall stickers for this kids room. This décor idea works excellent for 8-10-year-olds.

6. Add Fun to the Ceiling

Add Fun to the Ceiling  – Live More Zone

The ceiling is probably the most ignored part of a child’s bedroom. But, it can provide excellent décor options without taking up any actual space.  Wall stickers for kids room work great for the ceiling. Kids of any age love glow-in-the-dark star on the roof, but there are so many other options to explore as well! You can get the ceiling painted in a super bright pop colour in contrast with neutral coloured walls or add stripes or polka dots. This funky twist to the roof beats a dull day. This kids room décor works excellent for little kids as well as teenagers.

7. A Great Theme

A Great Theme  – Live More Zone

There are high chances that your kid wants a theme for their room. Talk to them. And talk to an interior design expert. There are dozens of kids room décor ideas to explore. You can have wall stickers or themed paints for a Disney theme, Star Wars theme, or even a superhero theme.

8. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns  – Live More Zone

Geometric patterns have made a big comeback in the kids’ room design scene. You can add fun geometric designs on the walls or add a geometric themed furniture item to make an excellent style statement to the room. Bold, bright and/pop colour work great for this kids room idea.

9. A Little DIY Corner

A Little DIY Corner  – Live More Zone

There isn’t a kid who doesn’t like craft projects. You can have a nice DIY space near an airy window corner where there’s enough light as well. This space can also be nice for you and your child to spend time together working on their school craft projects. You can add some wall stickers or chalk paint wall to this corner. This creative corner will work as an excellent space-saving solution, as you can place colourful, bright cabinets here to store your kids’ stuff. This way, this corner will be a beautiful, functional décor element to the kids’ room.



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