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10 Gorgeous Kitchen Décor Ideas


Your kitchen is the centre of your home. And, that is the reason why being creative here will set the mood for the entire house.

Beautiful kitchen decor can convince anyone to become a home cook. Owning a stunning kitchen, however, can feel like a distant dream at times. We have curated many kitchen accessories  and decor ideas  for you to explore and create the kitchen of your dreams!

1. You can make your old kitchen look new

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Believe it or not, all your old space needs, in terms of kitchen décor, is a little bit of attention given to the details. The kitchen décor items you should focus on are your kitchen tops, walls in the cooking space, counters, and cabinets. With just a little bit of thought, you can style and revamp all these into lovely kitchen décor. First, start making a list – priority-wise – of all corners and areas that need major work.

2. Declutter Declutter Declutter!

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Sure, you want a gorgeously done space. Sure, you are looking for fab kitchen accessories and décor ideas. But, if you have a stack of equipment and hardware that keeps coming in your way, space won’t look pretty no matter what you do. Declutter is the key. Get rid of things that you no longer use. Or, if possible, get sleeker, smaller versions of some equipment if you can.

3. Don’t forget the kitchen cabinets

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Cabinets, tiny cupboards, and storage spaces occupy a significant room in your kitchen, thus becoming the focal point in that area. Making sure that your kitchen cabinets have an excellent finish that goes with your kitchen wall décor, and the latest styles can rest assured that your kitchen looks gorgeous. You can pick from laminates to lacquered glass to wooden finishes depending on your overall interior décor, choice and budget.

4. Decorate your kitchen

Decorate your kitchen  – Live More Zone

There are myriad ways to give your kitchen an overhaul. For example, by changing colours, textures of your walls, lighting arrangements, replacing the existing artwork or paintings, and intelligent storage solutions, you can easily design a nice, neat, streamlined and glamourous kitchen. Here are some great ideas to do just that and maybe a lot more.

5. Bricks – for rustic kitchen wall decor

Rustic Kitchen  – Live More Zone

Rustic kitchen decor is not going out of style any time soon. If you are thinking of redoing your kitchen wall décor, nothing works better than bricks. Trust us. If your existing wall is plain, bricks are a great way to add a nice texture to it. Kitchen decor ideas like this one do not require much maintenance and are always eye-catching. This is a great way to revamp your kitchen.

6. Lamps and planters work great for a minimalistic look

 Lamps and planters – Live More Zone

If a minimal, basic, plain and simple look is what you are looking for, indoor planters  and elegant lamps go great together. If you’re looking for great kitchen accessories and décor ideas, empty vases on the countertop and shelves make the space look very stylish. Some chic, neutral coloured lamps (either table, ceiling or floor lamps) always complete this minimalist kitchen decor look.

7. White kitchen décor for a classy look

Classy Kitchen  – Live More Zone

If you are looking for some excellent kitchen décor ideas, here’s one – go all white. A kitchen space splashed in all white – flowers, vases, everything – is the best and cheapest way to make your kitchen décor look classy. You can pick sophisticated looking white accessories and wall décor too. Pick fresh bunches of white or pale coloured flowers to ace this look.

8. Open shelves are great kitchen accessories and décor idea

Open shelves  – Live More Zone

A contemporary kitchen has open spaces which look great with open shelves. Not just the sleek look, but they also make the place less cluttered. You can store your utensils and also place some pretty ceramic art on them.

9. Vintage paintings make for stunning kitchen décor  

Vintage paintings  – Live More Zone

Paintings can pep up any home space. You can choose the painting according to the look you wish to give your kitchen space. For instance, if you decide on earthy, floral images they can provide a slightly vintage look or super bright paintings can provide a pop touch. Not only will pictures add colours to your kitchen, but they will also make the space look very creative and inspiring.

10. An all-in-one table – a great kitchen décor item

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If you have a small kitchen, the best way to make it look super stylish is by having a white marble countertop that is very functional and very beautiful to look at as well. This is a smart way to double up furniture as a decorative item.

These fun recommendations are easy to try yourself! You can mix and match some of the pointers mentioned above and create a cooking space for your dreams that will make you happy every day.

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