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Long Hairstyles For Men


Long hair on men looks chic, stylish and a little bit roguish. And if you have ever thought of rocking a long mane but decided against it because of inherent social conditioning that it only is for women, it is time to move beyond those perceptions. Keanu Reeves can rock it, and with a bit of panache and self-confidence, you can too. Of course, if this is something you want because short hairs also look fantastic.

Moreover, given the gender-fluid acceptance of looks today in our society, there are plenty of long hairstyles for men that you can pick from, depending on what you want. We have curated a list (which is not exhaustive) as a starting point. Check it out!

1. Shoulder Length Side Part

	Shoulder Length Side Part  – Live More Zone

One of the most playful yet vibrant men’s long haircuts is the one that rests just on your shoulders. With its wave locks and messy hair, this look gives the person sporting it a carefree vibe. Of course, extended, and lengthy partition on one side to complete this refreshing long hair for men.

2. Side-swept long hair with a slight undercut

Side Swept – Live More Zone

Have long, wavy, and lush hair? Try this subtle yet stylish long hairstyle for menthat ensures you don’t have to chop it all off. Brush them nicely, apply a hair mouse to ensure they are waving freely in the air. Now, sweep it off on one side and let it rest. You can shave off on the other or simply keep minimum hair to contradict your side-swept.

3. Textured Waves

Waves  – Live More Zone

Men with long hair often neglect their wavy hair and chop it off. Instead, brush them off and keep them a little unkempt to ooze charm and vibrancy. You can even take this men’s long haircut a step further by adding some curls or waves to it. This textured wave look is in vogue thanks to celebrities like Jason Momoa.

4. Long Haircut with a Man Bun

Man bun  – Live More Zone

Remember Jon Snow? Kit Harrington, the actor who played the fan’s initial ‘King of the North’, has been often spotted with a man bun. And this is another long hairstyle for men that looks sexy and sleek. Whether you have long or shoulder-length hair, tie them up neatly in a man bun. This one goes with and without a beard, so no stress point there.

5. Pulled-Back with Ponytail

 Ponytail– Live More Zone

Like buns, men with long hair are now embracing the ponytail too. And we are all here for it! Whether you want to keep your long mane off your face because of work, play, socialisation obligations, or feeling like sporting this look, make sure you brush them nicely. Now, pull back the hair in a nice and low ponytail that is sleek and clean. A lot of celebs like Chris Hemsworth,yes, our very own Thor, are known to rock this look.

6. Shaggy and wavy hairstyle

 Wavy hair – Live More Zone

If you have ever considered adding an extra ‘oomph’ quotient to your long hair, the shaggy hairstyle is perfect. It involves layers and curls both. You just need to clean your hair, condition them regularly and get them curled. With shoulder-length hair curled properly, the shaggy hairstyle for men is as effortless as it can be. Plus, it brings back those 70s retro look in a stylish way that is inherently sexy.

7. Long Hair with Man Braid

Man Braid  – Live More Zone

After buns and ponytails, the one long hairstyles for men that have become a cultural revolution is the man braid. If you have shoulder-length hair, brush them and go the extra mile to braid a little bit from the middle. You can go for braiding your entire main in three sleek braids or even two. Braiding not only looks good on women but is becoming increasingly popular among men. Make sure you use the right kind of gel and serum to ensure your long mane looks sleek once you have braided them.

8. Highlighted Curls

Highlights – Live More Zone

Curls look great with short hair but if you look for a complete makeover, go for highlighted curls. You can either get it done in a salon or simply buy the best hair styling products that work wonders for curling hair. And these provide the extra definition and volume to the hair if you are looking for it. Keep them prim and proper, and take care of your long-highlighted curls, and you are good to go.

When it comes to long hairstyles for men, no one look or type fits everyone, and this is why looking at various options and length is the key to unlocking your long hairstyle. Just give them all the TLC they deserve, and you will nail the trend of the season – cheek and effortlessly styled long hairstyle for men.

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