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5 Best Mind Games For Kids Brain Development


Ask any parent, and they will tell you that they have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Keeping growing children occupied  is a full-time task, and as their intellectual capacity increases, it’s essential to engage them with exciting mind games to help along with their growth. For busy parents, coming up with mind development games that accomplish the dual goals of entertaining their little ones and educating them might seem like something that can be left to their teachers.

Still, it is vital to provide that same atmosphere for the child at home. Instead of entertaining the kids with TVs, smartphones, and the internet, here are some mind games for kids that parents can introduce to make learning fun  even at home.

PS – Many of the games mentioned below are available online, and you can buy them with just a click of the button. Remember to keep your debit card  handy for easy payment options. 

List of best mind games for kids:

1. Building Blocks

 Building Blocks – Live More Zone

While many parents may think that toys like building blocks are simply convenient distractions for otherwise hyperactive toddlers, the truth is that what looks like a simple diversion is crucial for a toddler’s developing brain. The simple building blocks are one of the best mind games for kids. The different colours and shapes they come in are invaluable in teaching them about shape and colour recognition, spatial awareness, and creativity. Playing with the blocks along with a child only helps spur their imagination along.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles  – Live More Zone

When it comes to mind improving games, a simple puzzle is often the best option, no matter the age of the children in question. Simple board puzzles are great for toddlers, and the reason why puzzles make for such great mind games for kids is that their difficulty can be scaled up as the child continues to develop. Board puzzles are eventually replaced by more giant jigsaws, which are in turn replaced by more complicated puzzles like Sudoku squares and Rubik’s Cubes. This kind of mind development games helps teach children skills like problem-solving, spatial awareness, motor skills, and coordination.

3. Mazes

Mazes  – Live More Zone

Similar to puzzles, mazes are some mind games for kids that will help develop their fine motor skills, visual-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. The act of finding their way through a maze on paper requires the child to apply themselves and come up with different approaches to finding a solution, all of which contributes to their growth. These mind improving games are often found in workbooks for kids. And if a child is excited by the prospect of solving mazes, parents also have the opportunity to make a lifelong memory by taking her to solve a life-size maze in a park.

4. Word Games

Word Games  – Live More Zone

For children learning to read and write, playing word games is one of the most important activities they can engage in with their parents. Mind development games centred on words and wordplay help expand a child’s vocabulary. It also helps their power of association and improves their memory. Simple games like Chain Reaction, where players have to develop a new word beginning with the last letter of the previous player’s word, help younger children learn new words and phrases. As the children get older, games like Scrabble and crosswords are also great brain games for kids.

5. Memory Games

Memory Games  – Live More Zone

One of the most exciting mind games to improve memory and sequential thinking is a simple memory game that is best for toddlers who constantly observe their environment. Parents and their kids should take turns naming objects in the room, and every time they spot a new thing, they must first recite all the objects already called before adding the new entity. The game ends when the chain is broken.

These kinds of mind development games can also be played on road trips, making remembering the list of objects more difficult as they are no longer right in front of the child. By keeping their child’s memory sharp through these brain development games, parents can play a part in helping strengthen their child’s power of memory.

These games and activities will go a long way in furthering the mental development of a young, growing child. These types of mind improving games are essential to foster a child’s growth, but it also allows parents the opportunity to spend some priceless bonding time with their kids while making memories along the way. digibank’s savings plans  mean you can ensure your family’s future, just like strengthening your child’s development. Keeping things fun and playful is the best way to make a child grow fond of interesting mind games and sharpen their mental skillset.

In today’s times, where many children are staying away from schools due to the pandemic, it is even more critical that parents incorporate brain games for kids into their daily routine at home. These mind development games will continually challenge a child to grow, accelerating their development. Of course, the parental pride that comes with it is just a bonus!



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