22 June 2021 | 4 min read

5 Mobile Photography Tips For Stunning Photos


A little over ten years ago, the idea that it would be possible to walk around with a high-definition camera comfortably tucked into your pocket was considered far-fetched. Top-quality photos were considered the territory of professional photographers or those lucky owners of DSLR cameras. However, technology has progressed in leaps and bounds since those times, and mobile photography has come a long way.

Today, phone photography is often indistinguishable from pictures captured by high-end cameras, thanks to the improvement of technology in the realm of mobile photography. There are some mobile photography tips to keep in mind while raising the level of your shots, which will undoubtedly lead to much more attractive and intriguing photos. So, if you want to ditch the expensive camera and get the most out of your phone, follow these mobile photography ideas for great results.

1. Rule of thirds

 Rule of thirds – Live More Zone

One of the simplest ways to spice up your phone photography is by activating the gridlines from your phone’s camera settings. These gridlines divide your frame into nine equal boxes by breaking it into thirds both horizontally and vertically.

This is one of the most straightforward mobile photography tips to put into action as it helps you envision the composition of your photograph. Using the gridlines, ensure that your framing places the subject off-centre and allows room for the background to fill the frame. This tip will instantly improve your mobile photography skills.

2. Focus

Focus  – Live More Zone

Another quickly adopted example of mobile photography tips includes taking back control over the focus function of your camera. Most phone cameras will automatically focus on the foreground of any picture they are clicking. However, by switching from autofocus to manual focus, you can ensure that the subject (or any other part of the frame) that you wish to have a sharp image of will be faithfully captured according to your vision.

This is as simple as tapping on the phone screen to select which part of the frame to focus on while in manual focus mode. Using this feature among your mobile photography ideas will lend your photos a beautiful depth of field.

3. Lens care

 Lens care – Live More Zone

When it comes to mobile photography, the lenses are built into the phone. Naturally, most users take them for granted as they aren’t expensive items that need to be bought separately, as is the case with professional camera lenses. However, that does not mean that you should not take care of mobile camera lenses.

Keeping dust and other foreign objects off your mobile camera lens will automatically upgrade the level of your phone photography by removing unwanted blurs from the image. If your mobile photography ideas are also becoming more ambitious, you can consider buying special lenses for your phone too.

4. Leading Lines and Patterns

 Leading Lines and Patterns – Live More Zone

Whether it be mobile photography or any other media, the art of taking pictures relies on the photographer’s intrinsic ability to capture patterns in an aesthetic and evident manner. To this end, one of the most accessible mobile photography ideas for you to put into action is to look for striking lines and patterns on and around the subjects you are shooting.

Leading lines are those lines in a photograph that runs from the foreground to the background, drawing a viewer’s eye along their length. Striking patterns (whether natural or artificial) are also an eye-catching element in every photo that they appear. Use the rule of thirds in conjunction with your knowledge of leading lines and patterns to ensure that your attempts at mobile photography capture and hold a viewer’s attention.

5. Balance

Balance  – Live More Zone

One of the golden mobile photography tips is staying steady. As phone cameras are handheld devices, it is only natural to expect some shaking while clicking a photo. Unfortunately, this could completely ruin your phone photography if not correctly addressed. In order to avoid blurred pictures due to shakes, practise steadying your hands before taking photos. Exhaling your breath helps stabilise the shake in your hands. Also, if you want to upgrade your mobile photography kit, buying a small camera tripod or mount is a great idea. It will allow you to place your phone in a static position and eliminate unwanted shakes while taking photos.

Keeping the mobile photography tips mentioned in this list in mind while shooting will serve you well. Soon, you will forget about needing an expensive camera and make your phone your ideal tool of choice. Of course, conducting a little research and finding the best phone for photography in your budget will help. And if you’ve narrowed down your options for which phone you would like to buy, there are a range of offers available on Digibank  that will help finance your purchase. Mobile photography is an easily accessible and rewarding hobby, and you can start your journey into the beautiful world  of phone photography with the push of a button, literally!



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