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Morning Routine For A Happier And Healthier Day


A solid, serene, and calm morning routine can easily set the tone for the rest of the day. You can either wake up grumpy or disoriented or take charge of your morning with a healthy and disciplined routine. There are plenty of self-help books that wax poetic lines about the same if you say that you are more of a night person. Becoming a morning person and creating the best morning routine can sound mundane on the surface level, but it is beneficial in the long run.

Waking up in the morning and automating morning habits can help you tap in those reserves of willpower that steer you towards the right and healthy kind of decision making. Even if you don’t go on runs the first thing in the morning, having a routine ensures that you don’t skip your evening workout  sesh. All of this gets prewired in your psyche when you have a healthy and cheerful morning. What are how you can create a morning routine that is consistent and fits easily in your schedule? That is for you to decide. We are curating a list of small and healthy morning habits that you can easily pick and choose from, depending on what you like.

Create the best morning routine for yourself:

1. Opt-out of social media first thing in the morning

Social Media – Live More Zone

Our phones are running our lives, and it has become inherent nature to scroll on social media right after we open our eyes. After a relaxed and long sleep, picking up the phone is too much stimulation for our brain. And mostly, all of the news and social media updates are negative, making it difficult to start a bright morning. Hence, avoiding phone usage for as long as possible is the number one way to create the best morning routine.

2. Drink a glass of water

Drink Water – Live More Zone

Starting your day with a glass of water first thing in the morning sets your day for hydration. Of course, the idea is to drink throughout the day but having lukewarm (with honey and lemon) or cold water in the morning is beneficial for both your mind and body.

3. Put thoughts on paper

Thoughts on paper – Live More Zone

Journaling is a therapeutic form of activity, but you are more aware of yourself when you write self-reflection pages first thing in the morning. Moreover, as part of your morning routine, you should write about the previous day, its pitfalls and all the things you are grateful for at the current moment. This helps in ensuring you are starting the day on a positive note.

4. Create or review your to-do list for the day

To do list – Live More Zone

This is another thing that helps set your morning routine. Ideally, you can and should do this the night before, but the morning is also an excellent time to review all the tasks for the day and make time for them accordingly. Right from the tedious and boring ones to the functions that get you all excited, make room for all of it and tick it off throughout the day.

5. Do something fun or creative

Creative work – Live More Zone

Whether it is learning a new language or skill like baking or playing with your pet, there are plenty of perfect activities for the mornings. Doing something that is fun, and you like will keep you charged throughout the day.

6. Read a chapter of a book

Read Book – Live More Zone

One of the best morning routines and a personal favourite is reading. Whichever subject floats your boat and has you gripped, read about it in the morning. Try to keep aside several minutes for reading, and you are bound to return to the book during the day. This is also a great way to build a reading habit.

7. Wash your face and stretch out

stretch out – Live More Zone

The very first thing to do in the morning has to be washing your face. Afterwards, stretch out a little. Whether you do cat and cow poses or simply stretch out your body, this helps in waking yourself from sleep.

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Of course, all of the above habits for creating a morning routine are to be followed after making your bed. That is one activity that helps in ensuring a smooth flow in creating a consistent and disciplined practice.

Just adopting a few of these habits won’t help in a happier life. Instead of sticking to them daily and doing the things you love the most in the morning are essential. These activities should also be healthy. Also, sticking to a single time to wake up is necessary too when creating a morning routine. All of these will help in kickstarting your days on a brighter and positive note. 



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