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Must Read Books of All Time


Books are your window to the world! And especially when the world is undergoing such a bleak time punctuated with lockdowns and necessary social distancing. It is via books that you can transport yourself to a different country, kingdom, culture, dimension, and time.

While everyone might not be an ardent book lover, there is a book that might get you started with reading. Or, if you are already a certified bookworm, check out this list of must-read books under various genres and add it to your ever-growing TBR pile.

Best Motivational Books

Best Motivational Books  – Live More Zone

We plan things, and they go awry. Life is not always a simple, linear path that goes as per our plans and hopes. But for every time we feel beaten down, there are various reasons not to give up. And if you need this reminder in strongly-worded sentences and from people who have been there, these are the books for you.

These are some of the must-read books of all time, complete with wisdom that is not preachy but essential and impactful. So, add them to your TBR and get ready to underline plenty of pages, as that is what happens when you read motivational books.

Best Travel Books

Best Travel Books  – Live More Zone

With everything going virtual since last year, books are the best medium to travel, albeit metaphorically. However, among the different types of books to read, books based on travel are often underrated. From exhaustive guides on other locations (lonely plant guides, anyone) to experiences of people who have travelled far and wide in search of happiness, answers and sometimes, even to seek the balm of their grief, there are plenty of books out there are perfect for travellers. Paul Theroux might be the famous travel writers (whose books should be on your TBR), but there are other authors. Check out our list of must-read books in this genre.

Books for Children

Books for Children  – Live More Zone

If you want to inculcate the habit of reading in children, make sure you get them started young. Books for children is the best way to do that. From Charlotte’s Web to A Little Prince, there are plenty of beautiful and intriguing must-read books for children that should be on your TBR. Fun fact, children’s books are not solely meant for the young; they can be enjoyed by adults too. There are plenty of must-read books of all time that should be on your #TBR. Check out this list to get inspiration and make a list of which all books you should buy.

Fictional Books

 Fictional Books – Live More Zone

Fictional books are a vast genre. There are plenty of books about life, from classics to contemporary and young-adult. Thus, picking a handful of best books to read in this genre can be an intimidating task. This is where our list of must-read books comes into the picture. Take your pick from this list or go for the books you want to read about life. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to fictional books. Some like breezy young-adult novels, others prefer heavy fictional books with complex life themes, and others want some good old historical or mythological fiction.

Take a cue from our list or go book browsing in a bookstore (if there are no lockdowns); there are plenty of best books to read just waiting for you.

5. Feel Good Books

 Feel Good Books – Live More Zone

Heartwarming, funny and generously sprinkled with enough tidbits to tell you that everything will eventually be okay! This is the beauty of must-read books in this category. Feel-good books are like a balm on a tough day. They are the books that remind you that the world, even if it may seem so, is not so bleak and dark. These are the books you read when a pandemic ravages the world and destroys all our sense of semblance.

Thus, if your mental health has taken a hit and you are going through a rough phase in your life, be it regarding work or your love life, pick up a feel-good book. We have curated a list if you have no idea where to start. But remember, the must-read books all of the time are not necessarily meant for you. Find your favourite author when it comes to feel-good books. Matt Haig and Fredrik Backman’s books are perfect feel-good books. You need to figure out your go-to author and feel-good book so that you are ready when you want to soothe yourself with a read.

There are plenty of other genres to pick a book from, depending on your mood. Remember to go for books that you like and not something that is hyped up all over. Books are personal, and what works for you might not work for others. So, pick up a book and curate your reading list. Take as much help as you want from these guides but always read what you love despite popular opinion saying otherwise. Happy reading! 

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