27 March 2020 | 3 min read

Myths About Coronavirus People Need To Stop Believing


With India entering lockdown over the Coronavirus, there is so much information and facts about coronavirus that one could spend days reading articles about it and not even scratch the surface. But, of course, this much information is bound to be accompanied by several misinformation and myths about coronavirus as well.

Several WhatsApp forwards has been promising wonder cures for the Coronavirus, while others have been speculating about the origin of the disease. A number of these accounts are fake and could be dangerous if shared widely enough. None of these accounts or messages provide true facts about coronavirus.

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Here are 8 myths about coronavirus you should not believe:

1. Only Older People Are At Risk

Only Older People Are At Risk - Live More Zone

While the elderly and young are more at risk of contracting Covid-19, there are no studies that show healthy middle-aged people don’t. All age groups are at risk of contracting the disease. Staying home and practising social distancing for the next few weeks is the best solution to prevent the spread.

2. Cats And Dogs Spread Coronavirus

Cats And Dogs Spread Coronavirus - Live More Zone

A new coronavirus myth is that house pets are responsible for this acute respiratory disease. Once again, this claim is false since no evidence links animals to the disease. Humans are the only true contractors.

3. Gargling Bleach

Not that it needs to be said, but consuming bleach in any form could be extremely dangerous and have very corrosive effects on your digestive system. Still, several forwards have been doing the rounds claiming that bleach has the potential to kill the virus. Please don’t believe them.

4. Coronavirus Will Go Away In Summer

Coronavirus Will Go Away In Summer - Live More Zone

Many claims have been made that this particular virus cannot withstand heat in any form and will disappear in the summer months. But this myth about coronavirus was easily disputed by doctors, who indicated that it was always summer in some part of the world — and the virus is already global. So, do continue to stay indoors regardless of the weather!

5. Covid-19 Is An Airborne Disease

There have been a Coronavirus myth that it is an airborne disease and can spread over large parts very quickly. But the fact is that the virus spreads through “droplets” and not “air,” which is why most experts recommend that the best we can keep a six-foot distance from everyone else.

6. Everyone Should Wear Masks

Wear Masks - Live More Zone

This is the most common myth about coronavirus and has spread so much that there has been a shortage of masks for medical professionals and patients who need them most! Masks should only be worn by people displaying symptoms of the disease, and even then, they must be appropriately worn all the time to be effective.

7. Eating Meat Spreads Covid-19

Eating Meat Spreads Covid-19 - Live More Zone

While there is a lot of covid-19 myths, there have also been rumours that meat and poultry-based products spread the virus. This is false, as it’s now widely accepted that humans are the only carriers of the disease.

8. Garlic Cures Coronavirus

Garlic Cures Coronavirus - Live More Zone

If this were true, we’d see a lot fewer cases of the disease making headlines every day. Unfortunately, garlic is not shown to have any effect on the virus, and this is just another bogus myth about coronavirus that you should definitely not believe!



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