5 September 2019 | 3 min read

The Essential Guide To Setting Up A New Home


Being millennials, we, more of than not, face the wrath of previous generations for being lazy, entitled, and having an inflated sense of self-importance *insert duck-faced selfie here*. And to top that off, they’re always baffled by our lack of interest in saving up to buy a car of our own or a house. 

So if you’re on the way to renting your very first apartment or *gasp* owning your own house – congratulations! You’ve made significant headway in breaking the stereotype, and we couldn’t be prouder. And to help you make that empty house a place you can call ‘home,’ we’ve got some great ideas to put on your checklist right away. Read up and then send us that invite to the housewarming party. 

House Plants

Say what you might about millennials and their unwillingness to bring babies into the world, but the one thing you can’t criticize is their ever-growing love for houseplants. Houseplants, unlike babies, are easy to care for, even if you have a hectic schedule. And if you get the air-purifying variants, they can be a significant boon to your health, aside from just prettying up corners of your home.

A few that we recommend: Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Bamboo Palms, Spider Plants. The local maali at your society may be able to hook you up with any of these, or more. 

A Mixologist Starter Kit

 Millennials are no strangers to house-parties, and now that you have a home of your own, we’re sure you’ve got plenty of ideas for the weekend. One definite way of sprucing things up is by being the bartender at your own party!

Finding a cocktail-making kit these days is super easy, but if you need something super handy and well-rated,make sure you pick something that includes all the essentials you’d need to whip a refreshing cocktail, including fun recipe cards as well. Cheers!

Smart TV

Let’s admit it – time has changed, and once hailed as a game-changer in entertainment technology, the DTH service has now taken a significant beating. We’re living in the era of video streaming, and nobody uses the poor TV anymore. But it needn’t be that way. You can get your head out of your laptops and and  potato in front of your flat-screen TVs all day long just like the rest of the adults do.  

Get yourself an Amazon Fire Stick which you can connect to your Smart TV and stream high-quality content. It supports all primary streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, & Hotstar, as well as Amazon Music & Spotify, so you have everything you need all in one place. The voice-enabled remote control allows you to tell your TV what to play next instead of laboriously searching for & sifting through content.   

Smoothie Maker

Smoothies make an excellent breakfast option. This is especially true if you’re living on your own without your family and don’t have the luxury of your mother stuffing paranthas down your throat every morning. We recommend investing in a compact blender that you can pick up from stores like Croma, which has stores across the country.   

Just keep your fridge stocked up with fresh seasonal fruits & veggies and you’re good to go. 

Tip – You can even get groceries delivered to your home through bigbasket, which has a comprehensive range of household products including pet food, beverages and Gourmet items.



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