30 March 2020 | 3 min read

Want To Learn A New Skill? These Online Courses Are Just For You


Are you tired of all the binge-watching in this time of social distancing and self-isolation? It’s time to give your mind the much-needed rejuvenation. And the best way to do that from the comfort of your home is to learn a new skill. Yes, a new language like French or Japanese (which you have wanted to learn since high school) is always a good idea, but today we are telling you about the online courses that are in your own language.

There are plenty of websites that have full-fledged courses at reasonable prices in almost every kind of field. And we have curated a list of such classes you can sign up for in the coming days. Always a good idea than whiling away your time on the couch with different seasons of new shows.

Online Courses For Free 

Whether it is Machine learning from Stanford University or coding from a university of your choice, many websites are offering you a diverse number of courses. Browse on their website and pick up classes to your liking and professional abilities and get started. If you are ready to pay up a little, they even provide a certificate upon completion of your chosen course, giving you an excellent skill to add on your resume. Best part is that you can pay with your card, making it a very easy affair for you.

Become A Masterchef Of Your Own Kitchen 

Many culinary gurus and websites including YouTube channels have set up virtual classes for every type of cooking. If you are missing Arrabiata pasta or a cuppa of creamy, frothy cappuccino from your favourite cafe, how about getting down to it and making it for yourself. While it may take a few attempts and the results might not be restaurant-quality, it is always good to have something you have cooked for yourself. You will love it.

Learn All About WordPress And Blogging

If you are a self-proclaimed traveller and are missing out on the fantastic places you could have been at, why not start blogging about them? And to hone your skill of writing, blogging, and editing images, there are tonnes of courses online. Or you can always learn from YouTube.

Pick Up The Lost Art of Calligraphy

Nothing is more satisfying than creating something on paper. And while writing does count as a hobby or a way to express yourself, calligraphy is just one step ahead. All those beautiful fonts coming along from the tip of your fountain pen and your favourite ink will give you not only moments of peace but also something to look back on. Who knows, you might start doing this every day once the lockdown is over.

Add Colours To Your Daily Routine

Whether you want to randomly do water painting, try a different technique, or create art on the pages, it is all going to be therapeutic, albeit a little messy. Pick whatever makes sense to you and will keep you rooted to the same spot for some time.

There are plenty of new skills to learn these days. The internet is a vast ocean of new lessons, my friend. You just have to dive in and start swimming, figuratively, of course!

by Priya Chaudhary


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