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Best Dog Training Courses Online


Not all dogs  are created equal, and unfortunately for us, not all humans are blessed with the same levels of patience it requires to train a wilful dog. Dog training involves a skill that, luckily, is easily teachable, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort. The best part is that most dog training videos or dog training courses are entirely free! So, whether you have a new puppy  you need to train from scratch, an old dog you need to teach new tricks, or your doggo has a severe behavioural issue, it might be worth it to try one of these online dog training videos before spending money on expensive trainers, plus commuting and investing more time and money than needed.

1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution  – Live More Zone

Youtuber Zak George is a celebrity dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs and documents it all on his YouTube channel, which now gets more than ten million views annually! He even has a book: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution, if you want to get in-depth. From new puppy survival guides to the entire spectrum of dog training experience that includes biting and walking on a leash, you’re sorted.

Check out his YouTube channel here:

2. Dr Dunbar’s Dog Behaviour and Training

Dr Dunbar's Dog Behaviour and Training  – Live More Zone

Another heavyweight in the dog training courses world, Dr Ian Dunbar’s website offers easy — and effective — dog training techniques for anyone. You can stream his courses online or pay once, get all the materials you need, and take your time. Many people swear by Dr Dunbar’s methods, especially his Science-based Dog Training or the Simple Solutions for Common Dog Problems. These dog training techniques and tips aren’t free, but they’re worth it.

Check out his website here:

3. Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan  – Live More Zone

With a TV show, a booming YouTube subscriber list, a ranch to die for where he lives with all his animals (even emus!) and a loyal fan following, Cesar Millan’s videos are excellent bet information, tips and tricks on dog training. He uses methods that let you connect with your dog in a natural, simple, and profound way and are immensely helpful to remedy all your dog training problems.

Check out his YouTube channel here:

4. Furry Friend

Furry Friend  – Live More Zone

If you have a new puppy at home, we strongly recommend checking this out. It isn’t a channel for dog training videos specifically; however, it is the real-life experience of a family and their new Labrador puppy, which offers great insights and is very real. They’ve trained their dog, Buddy, to do several tricks and just be a perfect dog in general and have documented the process. Explore this if you’re looking for authentic experiences and for like-minded people who understand how frustrating it can be.

Check out their YouTube channel here:

5. Wagfield Academy

 Wagfield Academy – Live More Zone

Wagfield offers complete dog training, free! (Well, at least the first bits are free). From DIY dog training courses to one-on-one personalised training support, behaviour Q&A, expert opinions, and even partners with veterinarians and shelters, Wagfield had established itself as an authority a while ago.

Check out their website here:

6. Instagram

Instagram  – Live More Zone

No, that’s not a typo! Instagram is a wealth of information when it comes to dog training tips and tricks. Everyone’s favourite dog, @tuckerbudzyn, is so well-trained, and his trainer Jay is on Instagram too. You could also follow @chaosinacoupe to see how well-behaved dogs travel across the country and be inspired! There are tons and tons of people out there in the dog-owners and dog-lovers community to help, and this app is a great way to connect with all of them.

Apart from these, you could always explore Udemy, which also has multiple dog training courses. Last but not least, always remember the golden rule of dog training: Train the owner, not the dog. Your dog will only learn by doing and reinforcing, which means you have to strengthen the same habits day in and day out until they become second nature. Hey, who said it was easy to raise a dog?! Hopefully, these online dog training videos will help you train your puppy and raise a well-behaved, happy dog.



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