22 May 2020 | 5 min read

Get Your Groceries Delivered Home With These Grocery Delivery Apps


Getting groceries delivered home is nothing new, but given the times we are living in these days, they have become the need of the hour. So, grab your phones, download these apps, and get everything you need without stepping out of your homes.

Note: There may be restrictions on home delivery based on your locality, so please check before placing an order.

Below is the List of Hassle-free Daily Grocery Delivery Apps

1. Bigbasket + Bigbasket Daily

Bigbasket - Live More Zone

BigBasket has two apps under its umbrella. BigBasket has more variety of categories and delivers depending on the slots available. BigBasket Daily is its simpler version that essentially delivers essential items such as milk, bread, and eggs before 7 am each morning the next day provided you order before the day ends.

Download BBDaily here.

2. Milkbasket

Milkbasket - Live More Zone

Milkbasket was the first when it came to micro-delivery services and went on to become the largest. They have a wide variety of groceries, fruits & veggies that you can get delivered. You will need to recharge your account with some amount then whatever you add to your cart will get delivered the next day, no need for a checkout!

3. Grofers

Grofers - Live More Zone

Again, one of the biggies in the business of delivery, Grofers is yet another reliable source for getting your groceries delivered home. Not just that, they even have supplies for your pets & babies! You’ll need to check the slots for delivery available before placing an order. Their customer service is pretty good as well.

4. Easy Day

Easy Day - Live More Zone

Now, this app is mainly for those who have an Easyday membership or would not mind purchasing one. So essentially you get the membership for INR 999, and you receive {selective} groceries of the same worth, so that makes it a free membership. Before you spend hours on the app, check for the nearest Easyday store to you and if they are servicing in your area.

They even have pick-up services, so you can place your order and get it picked up at a certain time, avoiding the whole hassle of having to enter the store.

5. Modern Bazaar

Modern Bazaar - Live More Zone

Modern Bazaar has no app, but you can make purchases on their website, provided there is a Modern Bazaar outlet in your vicinity. Modern Bazaar is known to stock some fancy items in its international food shelves like soba noodles, bakery items, as well as sauces and condiments for whatever type of recipe you may want to cook in the coming days.

6. Zomato

Zomato - Live More Zone

Yes, so Zomato has started delivering groceries under its regular app. When you open the Zomato app look for the Zomato Market banner, which essentially shows you all the local Kirana stores around you and the items that they have in stock. You can pick one store and shop from there, and your order gets delivered within a couple of hours.

The only drawback is that Zomato is charging taxes at the final billing that is excluding the delivery charges, which generally should not happen since you are paying the MRP.

7. Swiggy

Swiggy - Live More Zone

Swiggy has started a similar service of grocery delivery under its banner, just like Zomato. And just like Zomato, the inventory here is only of essential goods, no fancy stuff. Delivery is done in under 2 hours.

8. Supr Daily

Supr Daily - Live More Zone

This app has proven to be super-efficient during these lockdown times. When nothing else was delivering in our area, this app always managed to deliver the essentials like bread, milk, eggs and the basic veggies before 9 am each day. Once you add the items to the cart no need to checkout, your stuff will be at your doorstep the next morning.

9. MyKirana

MyKirana - Live More Zone

As the name suggests, MyKirana lists all the neighbourhood kirana shops in your area; once you pick which one you wish to shop from it will show the products available. Some stores may provide express delivery; otherwise, you can choose standard delivery and pick a time slot for the next day(s).

10. Country Delight

Country Delight - Live More Zone

Country Delight came into being in 2015 when a bunch of IIT & IIM graduates joined forces to bring back the good old days when each household used to get pure, unadulterated milk at home. The milk is milked from a mix of Desi Gir cows, desi Sahiwal cows, crossbred Holstein & Jersey cows directly from the farmers and delivered to the doorstep within 24-36 hours of milking, ensuring absolute safety measures sans the adulteration.

They have buffalo milk, curd, eggs, ghee, paneer, and loaves of bread as well, all of which gets delivered before 7 am each morning.

11. Licious

Licious - Live More Zone

Are you looking for some non-vegetarian affair? Licious has resumed its delivery after an initial hiccup. For each city they have a different time slot when they stock up, so check that to ensure things are available as they run out quickly. For Delhi, NCR fresh stock gets updated each night at 10:30 pm. They are a little more on the expensive side, but you pay the price for impeccable hygiene and good quality meat.

12. Fresh to Home

Fresh to Home - Live More Zone

Fresh to home delivers poultry, seafood, and meat at regular prices. New orders start at 11 am every day so keep a lookout to get the items in your wish-list.



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