7 May 2020 | 3 min read

Learn Something New — These Global Universities Are Offering Online Courses


It seems like week 100 of working from home and, for many of us it might be starting to get a tad bit stir crazy. Staying at home for so long might be creating a lot of anxiety and stress issues. However if you have run out of things to do, we recommend you sign up for online courses that are being offered by global universities around the world. From Harvard To Yale, there are many online courses that will help you ignite your creativity, and help you do something more productive that just scrolling through Instagram on your phone.

Check out some of these courses, and you’ll leave the lockdown with some new knowledge, or maybe even new career options. 

Harvard University

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard is offering a slew of online classes to help you learn something during the lockdown. A few of these courses last just a week, while others can last up to 15 weeks. The courses are available on edX, a learning platform, and the best part, once you’re done with the way, you’re given a “verified certificate” from an Ivy League College! 


Closer home, there’re several free courses available on the “Enhancement in Learning with Improvement in Skills” platform, which is run by the All India Council for Technical Education. The website has 26 courses to try your hand at, which have been compiled and sourced from leading education companies. 

Oxford Home Study Centre

Another prestigious international college has decided to offer a wide range of free courses online for anyone looking for a productive way to pass the time. The courses are intended to give students a deeper knowledge of a variety of topics — from interior design to fashion — with durations starting from 20 hours and stretching into weeks.

The Open University

The world’s largest collection of online courses, The Open University, allows students from any part of the planet to choose between over a thousand free courses. From money and business to history and arts, these courses are as diverse as they are useful. 

Yale University

Another one of the biggest names in the world, Yale University’s website also lists some free online classes that can help you honestly say you studied at Yale. Learn from some of the most distinguished scholars and teachers in the world in any format — video, audio, or text. The best part is that you don’t even register as you can start immediately. 



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