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9 Genius Ideas To Organize Your Kitchen Spice Racks


An Indian household is a home to a multitude of spices: From garam masala to haldi to Kashmiri mirch to chhole masala, chances are, if you indulge in even a little bit of cooking, your spice rack is overflowing with masala boxes. It’s time to get some structure in with a spice organizer or some spice rack ideas.

Try these genius ideas for organizing spices in your kitchen. Tame your collection of seasonings with these genius kitchen spice racks that fit drawers, cabinets, and countertops. After all, you are the mistress (or master) of your spices.

1. Bamboo six-piece spice rack set

Bamboo Spice Rack  – Live More Zone

If your spice collection is small and your kitchen modest, this is one the best kitchen spice racks out there. The stand, made of bamboo, is minimal chic and comes with a set of six small airtight glass jars.  So, get those essential spices out of their raggedy cardboard boxes and store them in style. Buy it at Home Centre.

Price: Rs 999

2. Stainless steel two-tier trolley

Steel Spice Rack  – Live More Zone

If you find yourself thinking of kitchen spice rack ideas every time you cook, it might be time to get this trolley, where space is no problem. Made with stainless steel, it is bound to last you for years. Moreover, you can accommodate your spice jars and your bottles of olive oil and other condiments. Buy it on Amazon.

Price: Rs 2,299

3. Revolving Spice Rack

 Revolving Spice Rack – Live More Zone

This one is for the more seasoned chefs amongst us. The two-tiered rack is one of our favourite kitchen spice racks as it comprises 16 jars, and the stand can revolve 360 degrees enabling you to browse your masalas and pick and choose with ease as your kadhai of onions sizzles. The jars look like mini bulbs and bring a cutesy vibe to the kitchen. Moreover, you can completely take apart this spice organiser, thereby making cleaning an easy process. Buy it on Amazon.

 Price: Starting at Rs 499

4. Triangular Spice Box

Triangular Spice Rack  – Live More Zone

A spice box makes for a lovely housewarming gift, and we are digging this triangular wooden one. Note that this can’t store truckloads of spices but is more of a starter piece. Comprising four small slots, it’s ideal for those who use just the basics in their everyday cooking – salt, pepper, haldi and mirch. Buy it on PropShop24.

Price: Rs 1,199 (currently on sale for Rs 850)

5. Wooden wall-mounted spice rack

 Wooden Spice Rack – Live More Zone

There are so many options when it comes to kitchen spice racks. However, if you are looking to bring a touch of class to your kitchen, wood may be the way to go. This nutmeg spice rack is supposed to be hung on the wall and, in addition to the shelves meant for spice jars, also comes up with some hooks for your spatulas and other paraphernalia. Buy it on CustHum.

Price: Rs 4941

6. Plastic Spice Rack Square

Plastic Spice Rack – Live More Zone

If space is an issue and your priority is practicality over everything else, opt for a spice rack square that will fit in anywhere and will keep your spices fresh for days. The boxes fit snugly together, are transparent and airtight. Moreover, they look like giant Tic Tac boxes, which is pretty cute. Buy it on ShpClues.

Price: Rs 670 (currently on sale for Rs 313)

7. Coloured Iron Spice Boxes

Iron Spice Rack  – Live More Zone

If you want to add a splash of quirk and colour to your kitchen, look no further than these galvanized iron jars. They come in a set of five (every jar is a different colour) and are labelled: Mustard, Chilli, Cumin, Turmeric, Coriander. A nifty basic starter spice kit, we think. Which colour is your favourite? Buy them from Westside.

Price: Rs 799

8. Wooden Spice Set

 Wooden Spice Set – Live More Zone

If statement kitchen spice racks are what you seek, we’ve found just the thing for you. This hand-finished wooden stand has a very chic, edgy look and won’t be out of place in a modular kitchen. It almost looks like a tripod (except it has four legs).  The jars are airtight and come with black lids. Buy it on Flipkart.

Price: Rs 2,000

9. Ceramic spice jars with drawers

Ceramic Spice Rack  – Live More Zone

This is for the minimal spice user who values aesthetic. Three ceramic jars, three lids, three spoons and three jars. You can store your spices in the jars and the drawers or switch things up with some condiments, jams and preserves. Keep it in the kitchen and carry it to the dining table when you have guests you want to impress with your impeccable taste. This comes in pink and grey. Buy it on Nestasia.

Price: Rs 4,050

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