19 June 2020 | 4 min read

Don’t Forget To Check On These People During Social Distancing


You can always work on your physical health by working out at home, but don’t put your mental health at the back-burner. This is  especially true during the period of  social distancing. And in these trying times, it is also essential to check up on people around you who might need an attentive ear more than ever.

When you are done binging all the docu-series on Netflix, whipping Dalgona Coffee and trying every new trend on Instagram, consider reaching out to the following people.

Your Family 

If you are #socialdistancing with them, nothing like it but if you are far away from them in another city, make sure you check up on them regularly. Video call and ensure that you are there for them, even if it’s virtual. Chances are they are fretting too much about you and these long calls with them will give them much-needed relief.

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Your Friends 

All your friends, whether they are staying in with their peers/family or alone, make sure you reach out to them whenever you feel like talking. Of course, ensure you are mentally healthy to discuss the pandemic and everything else with them. This is the time to make up for all those times when you promised them you would call without seeing it through.

And if you are well in touch with your school/college friends, get together on a video call. Trust me, and nothing lifts the burden from your heart than catching up with your favourite people and reminiscing about all those years spent in innocence.

Friends/Kin Living In Hotspots of the Virus 

With many areas sealed off completely to contain the virus and people stuck in the hotspot, you must be regularly checking up with them. Just a five-minute conversation on how they are doing will do wonders for their mood (and yours) as well. Social distancing is tough for everyone. 

Stay updated with the new hotspots that are springing up daily and ensure that your extended friends and family are safe and staying in. For this purpose, you can always create a group chat. 

 Unemployed Friends 

Many people were let go from their jobs as the economy came to a standstill due to the pandemic. If your friends are one of them, make sure you reach out to them and offer support. A small gesture like getting groceries delivered to them or lending them money {if you can} in this time will go a long way in helping them stay sane.

Elderly Neighbours And Your Grandparents  

The elderly are at the gravest risk, and while all of us would love nothing more than to cuddle up next to them and give them the longest hug, that is one thing we cannot do. Instead, make sure you are regularly catching up with them and talking to them via FaceTime or Group Video Call.

Also, ask them to tell you stories. They will feel warm and would get down to narrating your favourite childhood stories. If you have an elderly neighbour who might be living alone, make sure you reach out to them and offer help in any way you can. Pick up milk and groceries for them so that they don’t have to step out of the house. 

Extroverts You Know

This time of social distancing is especially tough for people who are outgoing and loved to go out on the weekends. Make sure you are reaching out to all the extroverts you know and listening to them vent out. It will take off the edge from their mind and help them be at ease. 

Frontline Workers And Their Family

Applauding the courage of all the healthcare professionals, truck drivers, grocery store owners, and managers is a great way to boost their morality, especially during these social distancing days. But if you can go a step further and help them out in any manner, do it. Even if you can’t help them directly, stand up for their family and ensure that they have someone to talk to, whenever possible. These people are our heroes, not just today, every day, and we need to appreciate their efforts and stand up for them.

While the pandemic is a great time to reach out to people and make sure they are doing fine, let us ensure that this continues when we go back to our regular schedule and not be wrapped up in our work life.


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