16 June 2020 | 5 min read

8 Best Playlists To Listen To Right Now


From helping us through a difficult breakup, a particularly tough workout, or a dreadful case of the Mondays, music simply has an incredible way of getting us through just about anything. Whether its the singer’s melodic voice, the beat and deep bass that gets your head bopping or catchy chorus you can’t stop singing, music can be the ultimate therapy, motivating and soothing at the same time. So what’s on your iTunes playlist? What Pandora station can you listen to all day? What are your top feel-good songs? What artist or song gets you going?

We all need a little music in our lives during all times of the day. Sometimes to feel better, sometimes to concentrate, sometimes to workout or sometimes to express happiness! For the moods of you, we have collated a list of 5 must-have summer playlists that you must listen to on loop! Trust us, these music playlists will not fail you and are sure to get a permanent place in your favourite list. Let’s find some new music gems.

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1. Best of Lucky Ali

Best Of Lucky Ali - Live More Zone

The unique voice of Lucky Ali while you are at home, working or doing household chores, is a sure way to drift to another world when you need that much-needed break.

His voice is a vacation in itself, and to think he has sung many songs related to travel and vacationing {read: -Safarnama, Hairat, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum – all of which are classics in their own right}.

Listen here

2. Midweek Romance

Midweek Romance - Live More Zone

With monsoons set to hit us full-fledged any moment, it makes sense to keep this playlist handy for all the couples spending time indoors. All it would take to make your life more romantic are some scented candles, the pouring rain outside, a cup of a hot beverage of your choice {we recommend some indulgent hot chocolate}and this romantic playlist to set the mood just right!

Listen here

3. Lazy Wala Swag

Lazy Wala Swag - Live More Zone

This playlist is perfect for the lazy Monday morning, or even Sunday for that matter, where the mind is awake, but the body wants to stay put! The lazy yet groovy songs in the playlist are surely going to make you want to move your body to its rhythm. We do hope though that 15 songs will be enough to get you out of your lazy zone if not, replay it!

Listen here

4. Today’s Top EDM

Today's Top EDM -Live More Zone

This playlist is one of our favourites for sure. EDM has the power to make you concentrate on your work with even more focus than you would have been putting without any music around. Now, imagine exercising to this tune. You can feel the adrenaline already, right? So there you go! Get your workout on with a fun playlist.

Listen here

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5. Music for Sleep

Music For Sleep -Live More Zone

With so much digital distractions, making yourself go to sleep at night can sometimes be challenging. Fret not because we have you sorted with this incredible playlist that is sure to help you to soothe the nerves and drift the body and mind off to Lala land! The soothing playlist is a must-have in everyone’s phone as it’s therapeutic and can relax the mind, making you doze off in no time. Believe me, because I did almost doze off listening to it while writing this down!

Listen here

6. Mohabbat Acoustic

Mohabbat Acoustic -Live More Zon

There is nothing like acoustic music to listen to at the end of the day. With a range of romantic numbers, this playlist is a perfect way to spend time with your SO or listen to while you are doing your daily chores. With some unique picks, bookmark this entire playlist that is an ideal addition to your daily soundtrack, especially when you want something peaceful and calm.

Listen here

7. Best of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Best Of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan- Live More Zone

Faisalabad-born Khan comes from a family steeped in six centuries of qawwali tradition but is best known to contemporary audiences as nephew to Nusrat. No one expected him to become a blockbuster entity in his own right. With prominent hits from his most popular movies, this playlist is a worthwhile addition to any true music lover.

Listen here

8. Best of Indian Ocean

Best Of Indian Ocean- Live More Zone

They’ve been around for over two decades now and are easily one of the most popular and widely identified music bands in India. Critics describe their music as an amalgamation of contemporary rock, classic Indian jazz, folk music and fusion. It also integrates several themes like spiritualism, activism, environmentalism and the futility of war and mythology.

While they maybe not the first rock band that comes to mind in the contemporary era, this is one playlist that you will not regret listening to on a loop.

Listen here

The above list is not extensive, but we have tried to add something new for everyone, including indie-electronic sounds, remixes of old favourites, well-beloved throwbacks, and even some great, classical movie score selections. You can make your playlist on Gaana here.



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