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Easy Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi


The most vibrant festival of the year, Holi, is all about eating mouth-watering delicacies, stocking up on colour and having a great time with our loved ones. That’s why we quickly forget about the aftermath of Holi colours on our skin and hair amidst all the fun and excitement. Naturally, it becomes crucial to prep yourself for Holi celebration .

These days colours are loaded with chemicals that can have an incredible impact on your body. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here we have some easy and fabulous tips that will help you protect your skin and hair from harsh colours , letting you enjoy Holi to the fullest! Let’s start with some important Holi skin care tips.

Pre – Holi Skin Care Tips

1. Use ice cubes without excuse:

Use Ice  – Live More Zone

Ice cubes are known for closing the pores of the skin. So, what you have to do is, wash your face with your favourite face wash and then rub ice cubes on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will ensure that the harmful colours don’t penetrate your skin and cause breakouts. If you don’t fancy ice cubes, you can use toner instead.

2. Oil your body :

You can oil your skin with the oil that you regularly use for your hair, or you can mix coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil. You can also add essential oil to the mixture. It will act as a barrier between harmful colours and your skin.

3. Sun protects your skin:

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Not just on Holi, but you must apply sunscreen every day before you step out of your house. During Holi, constant exposure to sun, colours, and water can take away all the moisture from your skin. To protect skin and avoid any damage, apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your body.

4. Take care of your ears, lips and eyes:

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Ignoring these areas can cause trouble as colours can quickly settle around them. So, the trick is to coat these parts with petroleum jelly, which will keep them hydrated and thus, they will absorb fewer colours. For your nails, it is advised to use a thick coat of colourless nail paint. This will avoid their direct contact with hazardous colours.

5. Wear cotton clothes:

Cotton Clothes  – Live More Zone

Try to wear full-length cotton clothes when you are heading for a Holi party. It will cover most parts of your body and reduce the impact of colours on your skin.

Post – Holi Skin Care Tips

If you follow the above pre-Holi skin care tips, it will be easier to get rid of the colours, but even so, it’s good to do some post-Holi skincare rituals.

1. Lukewarm water + mild soap/body wash:

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Many people think that using warm water will quickly remove the colours. On the contrary, warm water makes the colours stick more to your body. So, use lukewarm or cold water with a mild soap that is not alkaline, or it will dry up your skin. 

2. Natural face pack:

Face Pack  – Live More Zone

Make your face pack at home using ingredients like yoghurt and honey. It will moisturise your skin which is what your skin needs after the dryness caused by the chemicals. It’s advisable to stay away from readymade face packs or masks as they add chemicals.

3. Moisturise well:

Moisturize  – Live More Zone

Moisture your face and body frequently. This will not only keep your skin hydrated but also help you get rid of the colour sooner.

4. No salon treatments:

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Avoid threading, waxing, shaving, etc., for at least four to five days post-Holi. Because colours and sun exposure already damage your skin, you don’t want to torture it further with these painful treatments.

5. Don’t wear too much makeup:

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As chemicals in your cosmetics can react with the Holi colours still on your skin and cause a skin reaction. You can go for a light, tinted moisturiser, and compact powder. Avoid heavy foundation and too many products on the same day.

Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips

1. Wash your hair:

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Don’t forget to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner a day before Holi because dirty hair can make things messy for you.

2. Oil your hair:

Oil Your Hair   – Live More Zone

Just like your skin, oiling your hair properly can make your hair less prone to damage and effectively helps in hair protection.

3. Cover your hair:

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Apart from oiling your hair, the best way to protect your hair is to cover it entirely with a scarf or bandana. This will avoid direct contact of colours with your hair and scalp.

4. Tie your manes:

Tie Your Hair   – Live More Zone

Open hair can easily attract all the chemicals, so it’s a good idea to tie your hair before covering it with a scarf.

Post – Holi Hair Care Tips

Holi Hair Care   – Live More Zone

Step 1: First things first, brush your hair to remove the dry colours from the scalp.

Step 2: Make a hair mask using egg yolks per your hair’s length with the right amount of coconut oil. Add almond oil to this mixture and apply to your hair. Keep it for 20 to 30 minutes, and then use a mild shampoo to wash it off.

Step 3: If you feel your scalp is itchy, you can use apple cider vinegar and water to soothe the scalp.

Step 4: Once the hair is dry, apply a hair mask or hair oil to nourish and moisturise your scalp.

We hope these tips will help you have a safe and full-filled Holi! To add to the celebration, we have an exciting offers for you. Happy Holi!



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