14 April 2020 | 4 min read

5 Ways To Connect With Others During Social Distancing


With the global coronavirus pandemic taking over everyone’s life, social distancing is the need of the hour. We all need to do the responsible thing and stay indoors to control this pandemic. However, we realize that this forced isolation can drive us a little stir-crazy.

Fortunately, we have the technology, and we don’t necessarily need to be completely cut off from our loved ones. Welcome to the age of virtual chilling, and we suggest that you embrace it. It is in times like these that we need to stay connected to our friends and families. So here’s to getting by with a little help from your friends, and technology!

Video Calling To The Rescue

It is but obvious that during the lockdown, one is bound to miss seeing their friends. Just call up your friends and hang with them on one of the many video chat services available. Google hangouts can be accessed by anyone who has a Google account, and its video-chat service works across all devices.

WhatsApp works all around the globe and also makes video-chatting with your loved ones convenient. As it uses end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that all your chats are private. You can even use other online services for conducting meetings and is best for a WFH situation.

Tip -COVID -19 insurance for your loved one is a good way to reduce the stress that they might be feeling in the current scenario. Find out more here.

Netflix And Party

Missing movie nights with your friends and family? Netflix has come up with the best solution: Netflix Party. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension and can only be accessed using Chrome on your desktop. Once you have installed the extension, head to Netflix, pick the movie or show of your choice, and click the Netflix Party icon, which will give you a link you can send to your friends, enabling you to watch the episode with them.

The built-in chat interface is a bonus and comes closest to imitating the actual activity of watching content together.

Virtual Game Night

Games are a great way to get your mind off the current dire situation that the entire world is facing. Virtual game night with your friends is all you need to lift your spirits. You can download the any online app and invite your friends for a friendly match.

If you are missing those endless rounds of UNO, download the app from Google’s Play Store and invite your friends for a game.

Social Distancing Disco Special

It seems like it might be a while before you can out go clubbing to check out your favorite DJ’s set or catch some soothing acoustic gigs featuring  popular singers and songwriters. Whether you’re in the mood to dance, or kick back and listen to some tunes, Gaana has got you covered.

It links to your phone and offers an enhanced set of features, including discoverability of music, better voice search and availability of lyrics, to improve user experience. You can join a party, be a DJ, or listen to anyone anywhere in the world! You can even chat with your friends and enjoy the endless playlists to dance the isolation away with your loved ones.

Start A Book Club

There has never been a better time to pick up a book and finish it. Why not inspire your friends and family to do the same? Start an online book club, pick one particular book, and set a date to discuss the details. That way, you ensure you finish reading the book and open yourself up to different interpretations and perspectives of a singular story. Get the Kindle app and pick an e-book for your book club.

Bonus Tip – Join An Online Class With Your Friends

Exercise, meditation, art, and cooking are great ways to reduce stress  during social distancing and bring some routine into your lifestyle. If you have always wanted to learn something new but have been procrastinating for various reasons, get your friends and yourself to enroll in one of the many online classes at your disposal. Check out Fitnessblender for free online workouts where you can buddy up with your friend and complete one of their many challenges, which last between four to eight weeks. There are various podcasts, experts conducting live-streams, and classes that you can sign up for with a click of a button. Go, what are you waiting for?



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