19 June 2020 | 4 min read

5 Simple Changes You Can Make To Live A More Green, Sustainable Life


Bucket baths, reusable grocery bags, shutting off extra lights… The conversation around sustainable living isn’t new, but the COVID-19 crisis has necessitated the need to convert and go local sooner rather than later. While it might be impossible to suddenly declare an all-out war on plastic at home and go all zero waste, nothing stops us from making a modest start, right? Here are changes you can initiate in your daily life that will help you come out on the other side of corona wiser, and with less damage done to the environment.

What’s In Your Pantry?

Right from reducing the number of trips, you make to the supermarket in your car to every plastic-wrapped celery stick packet you throw in your cart adds up. Instead, vow to make fewer trips and buy in bulk. Also, carry your grocery bag, support local Kirana stores and stock up on seasonal veggies instead of cold storage stuff. Have you ordered takeaway food? Well, wash and keep the plastic box to grow your microgreens by the window or to pack extra food for friends from the potluck. Of course, there are also enough and more videos on how you can turn your used tea leaves, coffee grounds and fruit and veggie peels into plant fertiliser.

Take A Hard Look At Your Purchases

You’ll be surprised at how much you can find at thrift stores and how beautiful clothes swaps are. Not only do preloved books, secondhand furniture and hand-me-down clothes have so much character, but they are easy on the pocket too. While sustainability sure begins with mindful buying, it also needs upcycling in equal measures. So think long about whether that cabinet needs to be discarded or if it could do with a fresh coat of paint and a few more years in your house.

Remember how our grandparents also turned dupattas into table runners/curtains/placemats and used old saris and clothes to make blankets? Some of those hacks are priceless. Oh, and it would help the world a hell lot if you chose to shop from fair trade brands that are all for slow fashion.

Be Mindful Of Your Electricity Consumption

Star rating on your appliances is a way to bring down your electricity bills over some time by using lesser units and is way better for the environment. So make that switch to LED and CFL sooner. Instead of getting yourself those cosy AC quilts for the summer, consider bringing down the AC temperature. Just go ahead and switch off extra fans and lights when you leave the room and turn off all gadgets, including your WIFI at night. It’s one of the best sustainable decision that you can take for yourself and your family.

Homemade Scrubs & Cleansers Are Worth A Try

Raid the fridge in search of overripe fruits that may not look appetising on the plate but will be good for your skin. Rely on besan, milk, yoghurt, oats and a countless number of do-gooder kitchen ingredients to make your face masks and scrubs. Earmark days of the week where you ditch makeup entirely and let your skin breathe.

If you can, make that transition to shampoo bars instead of bottles and if you can’t, definitely buy bigger bottles that’ll last longer as opposed to too many small, one-time-use plastic bottles that’ll end up in landfills. See a brand that promises to not test on animals and is paraben and cruelty-free? Give it a chance and you can be assured that you have taken a sustainable decision.

Reduce Work Space Waste

Now you know how most meetings can happen over calls, and the world will be happier if we kept at it and reserved physical meetings only when completely unavoidable. If you haven’t started insisting on emails over hard copies of everything, now is the time to go paperless.

Bills, scripts, memos, notices, manuals, ID proof documents… So many things are just as useful when stored in soft copies than printed and distributed. Still, end up printing a lot? You can sure reuse them as bin liners or rough sheets to take notes perhaps!

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