8 May 2020 | 4 min read

10 Things To Do At Night Besides Scrolling On Your Phone


These days, there’s so much to do on the phone; it’s getting almost impossible to look away. Between social media updates, work emails, and missed calls from sales executives, there’s barely a moment when you aren’t tempted to sneak a peek at your smartphone screen.

This gets especially worse at night, before going to bed we feel like catching up on all the day’s events. But in the long run, scrolling on your phone at night isn’t very healthy. Instead, here are a few healthier things to do at night before going to bed:

1. Read A Book

Read a book

Sure, it isn’t the most popular habit. But it’s a known fact that reading an actual book before sleeping is way more beneficial than scrolling. While the light from the phone keeps you awake for longer and makes you restless while you sleep, books are a great way to divert your mind and reduce your stress. In fact, one study even found that reading for 30 minutes was associated with lower blood pressure and significant reductions in stress.

Further, researchers at the University of Sussex reported that reading for as few as six minutes before bed reduced stress by 68 per cent – a good reason why you should always pick up a book, rather than a phone, before going to bed.

2. Take A Warm Shower

Take a shower

The next time you feel the urge to lie in bed, scrolling through Facebook, get yourself to take a warm shower instead. Both your eyes and the person who sleeps closest to you will thank you.

3. Take Stock Of Your Next Day

Take stock of day

Another good way to spend the last hours before going to bed is to prepare for your next day. When you’re lying in bed or getting ready for bed, spend at least 5 minutes thinking through what you have to do, and you’ll be amazed at how productive the next day will be.

4. Meditate


Spending a few minutes every night practicing the art of mindfulness and clearing the clutter in your brain is a much better activity than scrolling through a phone, which essentially muddles everything up again.

5. Drink Some Tea

Drink Tea

In case you have trouble sleeping, there are several flavours of tea that’ll help you fall asleep within minutes. Instead of looking at your phone, brew yourself a cup, and you’re guaranteed to have a restful night.

6. Listen to A Podcast

Listen to podcast

If you’re the kind of person who loves learning something new, the thousands of podcasts put up on the internet every day may appeal to you. Rather than distracting yourself before going to bed, unwind with an informative podcast instead!

7. Write In A Notebook

Write in notebook

Another habit that died out but should make a comeback — especially before falling asleep at night. Instead of spending hours on Instagram, write down a few thoughts about your day, and you’ll be dozing in no time. Want some extra inspiration? These stunning notebooks from Daily Objects will make you want to write something new every day.

8. Do A Puzzle

Do a puzzle

Puzzles are one of the productive things to do at night, and they have the opposite effect of scrolling on your smartphone — they help improve your eyesight rather than ruin it.

9. Learn An Instrument

Learn an instrument

It may not seem like much time but spending even half an hour before going to bed, practicing a new instrument will add up in the long run. Before you know it, you’ll realize that all that time you spent looking at memes can be used to learn something new.

10. Download An Internet Blocker

Internet blocker

Let’s admit it – not every addiction is easy to kick. In case you’re having trouble changing your habits and are still scrolling your way to sleep, maybe you should consider downloading an internet blocker app, which restricts phone usage beyond a certain time. At first, it may be frustrating, but once the benefits start showing, you’ll never look back.


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