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10 Fun And Amazing Things To Do At Night


These days, there’s so much to do in everyday life. it’s getting almost impossible to look away from your phone or laptop screens. Between social media updates and work emails, there’s barely any time when you can relax and enjoy with your loved ones.

This gets especially worse at night, before going to bed or in weekends when you want to have some fun, but instead you keep on scrolling your phone. Worry not! here are a few healthier and fun things to do at night. These night activities are enjoyable, and you can also spend some quality times with your friends and family.

List of all the fun things to do at night:

1. Listen to A Podcast

Listen to podcast– Live More Zone

If you’re the kind of person who loves learning something new, the thousands of podcasts put up on the internet every day may appeal to you. Rather than distracting yourself before going to bed, unwind with an informative podcast instead!

2. Write In A Notebook

Write in notebook– Live More Zone

Another habit that died out but should make a comeback — especially before falling asleep at night. Instead of spending hours on Instagram, write down a few thoughts about your day, and you’ll be dozing in no time. Want some extra inspiration? These stunning notebooks from Daily Objects will make you want to write something new every day.

3. Do A Puzzle

Do a puzzle– Live More Zone

Puzzles are one of the productive things to do at night, and they have the opposite effect of scrolling on your smartphone — they help improve your eyesight rather than ruin it.

4. Learn An Instrument

Learn an instrument– Live More Zone

Practicing a new instrument will add up in the long run. Before you know it, you’ll realize that all that time you spent looking at memes can be used to learn something new.

5. Read A Book

Read a book– Live More Zone

Sure, it isn’t the most popular habit. But it’s a known fact that reading an actual book before sleeping is way more beneficial than scrolling. While the light from the phone keeps you awake for longer and makes you restless while you sleep, books are a great way to divert your mind and reduce your stress. In fact, one study even found that reading for 30 minutes was associated with lower blood pressure and significant reductions in stress.

Further, researchers at the University of Sussex reported that reading for as few as six minutes before bed reduced stress by 68 per cent – a good reason why you should always pick up a book, rather than a phone, before going to bed.

6. Master a new skill

New Skill – Live More Zone

How many times have you wanted to learn something new like calligraphy, origami or even baking and haven’t had the time? Next time you are thinking of what to do at night, try mastering a skill. The entire hour that you usually end up scrolling on social media can make up for the time you apparently “don’t have”. Plus, in a few months, you would be adept at a new skill you like.

7. Pamper yourself with a self-care sesh

Skincare – Live More Zone

There is no better feeling than being relaxed and rejuvenated right before your head hits the pillow. And one of the best ways to do this is to indulge in a bit of skincare or at-home spa session. It is one of those night activities that instantly puts your mind at ease and is also beneficial for your body.

Order your favourite sheet masks and do the three-step skincare regime – cleansing, scrubbing, and face masking, before you apply the sheets and doze off. Or, if you are looking for a night where you want to revitalise yourself from head to toe, there is the option of creating a spa-like ambience at your home. Infuse your favourite essential oils in the bath, light up scented candles, and play your kind of soothing music!

PS – You can buy some fantastic skincare brands online. Make sure you check out digibank shopping deals that offer a wide range of offers on brands across lifestyle and fashion. Check it out today.

8. Have a movie marathon with popcorn

Movie night – Live More Zone

Among the many fun things to do at night, a movie marathon of your favourite movies or with your famous people is low-key excellent. You can either go for the Netflix binge on your bed with popcorn and drinks or go the extra mile and set up an ad hoc home-theatre in your backyard, garden, balcony or even terrace. The fun part of the latter is you can invite all your peeps and make memories.

9. Plan a fun Game Night

Game night – Live More Zone

As we are already on the point of making memories, nothing is more suited to it than a full-fledged game night that is easily a better alternative to loud parties. Plan a fun night wherein you play board games like Chess, Ludo, Carrom or even card games like Monopoly and Uno. If you are inviting the entire extended family, a game of charades is perfect. Add the favourite snacks and food of all the members, and you will have a party in no time.

Plus, if you plan to do it frequently, you can always go for potlucks wherein everyone brings a dish they can cook skillfully. And if you are nerdy, you can always have enlightening book discussions at the end of the game nights.

10. Go for a midnight stroll

Midnight stroll – Live More Zone

Even if it is just in your block or neighbourhood, a midnight stroll right before bed is fun things to do at night. Take your partner along with you and experience your place of residence sans all the morning and evening rush. If you have a dog at home, this is an excellent time to take them out for a walk. And if you are fortunate to live in a place that offers a glimpse of the starry sky, soak in that view under the moonlight without fail.

PS – While midnight stroll is fun, please be careful and not take any risk, especially if you live in a vulnerable area.



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