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Things To Do For Father’s Day


The toughest man on the planet, who is there for his children, rain and shine! If we are fortunate enough, we all have a father who loves us, despite everything we might not do right. They have always made sacrifices for us that we will probably never know about because that is how fathers love – unconditionally, silently, and in their unique corny manner.

And if you are running out of ideas to celebrate Father’s Day this year on June 20, we have got you covered. Yes, a single day can never be enough to show them how much you love them, but a person can try, right? And you damn well should! Start making your list of things to do for Father’s Day with the help of this blog.

1. Order takeout from his favourite restaurant

Order takeout  – Live More Zone

When it comes to Father’s Day celebration, nothing beats a great meal at his go-to restaurant. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. If you live with him and can go out, do that or else stay in and order takeout. Dads get all mushy when their kids feed them.  Psst – Don’t forget to use your digibank debit card  and avail exciting offers on restaurants around the town.

2. Or cook and serve a platter of all his favourite dishes

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Cook, bake, grill, roast! If you are a person who loves cooking, this is the single-most best thing to do for Father’s Day. Bake a cake for him that he loves or simply cook an entire meal for him. After all, feeding someone, especially your father, is its love language.

3. Book a spa day for him

Book a spa day  – Live More Zone

When it comes to Father’s Day celebration ideas,spa sessions are rare. But it is one of the best kinds of gift for your dad, who will probably never think of taking a spa day for himself. Yes, they care for everyone but forget to look after themselves in all the hustle. This is why a spa day meant to pamper him is one of the ideal Father’s Day activities.

4. Go fishing or to the beach with him

Fishing  – Live More Zone

Adventure or relaxing sports are fantastic things to do for Father’s Day.If you live close to a beach, go for jet skiing, kayaking or any other water sports that your father is bound to enjoy. Or if you want to celebrate Father’s Daymore calmly, fishing and an evening stroll by the beach is also a good idea. 

5. Organise a family game night

Family game night  – Live More Zone

Dumb charades, monopoly, UNO or whatever traditional game it is that your family has been playing for ages, organise it for Father’s Day. Your father will love hanging out with the entire fam for a whole night. Throw in a potluck dinner, and you are all set to make a memorable night.

6. Gift him a classic watch or something handmade

Gift a classic watch – Live More Zone

A classic watch that oozes elegance and style is the most traditional of Father’s Day gifts. But if you have the time, go for something handmade and unique. Even if it comes out messy and cluttered or not as perfect as you would like it to be, but it will convey the most important message – you will always make time for him.

7. Sign him up for an online class that he will enjoy

Online class  – Live More Zone

It is probably a very millennial thing to do, but if you cannot go home and celebrate with your Father, sign him up for an online (or offline, if it is safe) course that he would enjoy. He has meant to learn a new language, maybe an instrument he wanted to play or anything that he had always wanted to do, but life got in the way. Sign him up for one such thing and watch a smile appear on his face.

8. Take a mini vacay with the fam

Mini vacay with fam  – Live More Zone

For this year’s Father’s Day celebration,how about hitting the road? Of course, check all the restrictions and curbs in your area and the requisite reports you would have to carry to the destination where you are travelling instead of the pandemic, but if you can plan a mini-vacation for your father, do it. A weekend getaway in the hills  close by or even an outdoor picnic if the former is not possible, anything outdoors and helps him catch a break is a brilliant thing to do for Father’s Day.

9. Watch a movie together

Watch a movie together  – Live More Zone

A lowkey Father’s Day celebration idea would be to have a simple dinner of your favourite dishes, followed by a movie marathon of all the pictures your father watched growing up and having a heart to heart with him. Not just your life, but his too and all the ideas, views and plans for the future he has. Or any other thing he would like to share with you! There is never a better time than now to collect words of wisdom from your Old Man.

Celebrating your Father on a specific day probably is a massive understatement of the love and joy he brings you, but it is also a day when you can go all out and express how much he means to you. Ultimately, one should do for Father’s Day the thing their father would love the most. There is no other secret formula to this. Just love and appreciation, which they deserve the most!



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