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5 Things To Recycle At Home


Every year the world produces billion tons of waste, and with each passing year, the figures keep going up. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but it is also detrimental to all living species. If we wish to save the planet from further damage, we all need to do our bit. The first step towards bringing the much-needed change is to start by recycling at home. We have a so many things to recycle at home. It is good for the environment and also saves money and can become an enjoyable and engaging hobby or even a future business opportunity.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly ways to repurpose recyclable household items or add more recycled materials to your everyday living, there are plenty of practical and innovative ideas for things to recycle at home and give a new life to old items. We have put together a list of ideas on things to recycle at home. These ideas are fun, good for the environment and a great way to show your artistic side.

List of things that can be recycled at home:

1. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles – Live More Zone

One of the most common products we find in all our homes is plastic bottles. Since plastic bottles have a concise shelf life, instead of simply discarding them or letting them lie around, transform them for other functional use. You can cut off the top of the bottle, make it into a pot for your home plants , decorate it, and use it as a flower vase. The plastic bottle can also be repurposed as a stand for a pen, pencil, fork and spoon. You can DIY a giant bottle and convert it into a newspaper and magazine holder. While we must avoid using plastic bottles as much as possible, make sure you recycle and reuse them again if you do use them.

2. CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs  – Live More Zone

When I finally decided to get rid of all my old CDs and DVDs, I was not ready to part with my Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys collection. Those CDs and DVDs were an integral part of my childhood, and very close to my heart and discarding them was not an option. Lucky for me, CDs and DVDs are things that can be recycled easily as well as artistically. I decided to repurpose my CDs and DVDs and make a photo frame from them. Due to their shiny surface, CDs and DVDs can be used as decorative ornamentation. With the CD pieces, you can also make a bedazzled cuff, sparkly clutch or paint the details and make a colourful mosaic wall art. And if you don’t want to break the CDs, add a few threads and laces and convert them into coasters and dream catchers.

3. Jewellery You No Longer Wear

old jewellery – Live More Zone

We all have jewellery we no longer wear. Some are broken, while some are missing a piece, and the rest we have outgrown. What do you then do with such jewellery pieces? You repurpose them, of course. Jewellery comes in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. They are versatile, recyclable products readily available at home. You can make an eye-catching ornament with colourful shiny baubles. If you have misplaced an earring, don’t be heartbroken! Depending on the size and style, you can transform the leftover earring into a brochure by adding a pin to it or adding a chain to it and wearing it as a pendant or charm bracelet . Use your cocktail rings as decorative napkin rings. And if you are into DIY, then create a drool-worthy collar bib using an old statement necklace.

4. Old Clothes

Old Clothes  – Live More Zone

There are some clothes that you have outgrown, and some have gone out of trend. And yet, you don’t have the heart to donate or discard them. We all have old clothes that we are not ready to part with even though we no longer wear them. What do you then do with such pieces? Instead of letting them lie at the bottom of your closet, you can upcycle these piece and fashion new clothes from the old ones. Make a quilt out of old t-shirts or use them to make a braided rug. Your old check shirt can be repurposed as an apron. Cut it into smaller pieces and use them as decorative napkins. Convert your old cotton dupatta into a shopping tote or a table runner. And before you discard your torn saree, remove the laces and motifs from it and use them as decoration for wall hangings and pillows.

5. Empty Beauty Containers

Beauty containers – Live More Zone

We all use beauty and grooming products . And once the product is over, we either refill or reuse it. Be it bottles, boxes or jars, one of the most common things to recycle are empty beauty containers. You can store bobby and safety pins in a lip balm box. Use an empty perfume bottle as a vase or a decorative paperweight. Once the shampoo is over, the bottle can be used as a makeup brush holder. Since beauty containers are available in different shapes, sizes and material, they can be repurposed in numerous ways.

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