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10 Simple Tips To Follow For Healthy Heart


Here is one that we all can agree with: stress is bad, and it can adversely affect your healthy heart. And while we all experience bouts of anxiety from time to time, managing stress  and keeping a healthy heart need not be such a stressful affair. No matter how long our to-do lists or how annoying getting ghosted is, there are ways to bring a little bit of Zen back into our life. But it’s not going to happen overnight if you sincerely want to have a healthy heart.

We have put together a list of ideas that you can turn to when your heart needs some calming influence and keep you at your healthiest for a healthy heart. The best part? Instead of tackling it all at once, we can start by addressing one issue at a time. Here are a few healthy heart tips.

1. Positive Thinking For A Healthy Heart

Positive Thinking  – Live More Zone

We know this sounds like a ‘duh’ suggestion but give us a moment when it comes to heart care. Changing your perception can change your entire outlook. At the core of any difficulty – whether it deals with a family member, friend, or colleague, it is essential to look at the bigger picture. Take a step back and revaluate the situation.

Is the entire episode worth the argument? Is it worth your time and effort to ponder over the situation again and again? It takes considerable energy to stay angry and shifting your focus to the positive experiences, might have a good effect not just on your mental health but physical well-being as well. When the question arrives on how to keep your heart healthy. This is ones of the best ways to achieve a healthy heart.

2. Focus On Yourself First

Focus  – Live More Zone

The fact that you must love yourself first may sound like a cliché. But there is no doubt that we set the standards for how others treat us. So, give yourself some extra time by creating your boundaries, and being your biggest fan. When you truly change the way you think of life, you bring yourself out of that self-conscious and anxiety-filled bubble that no one belongs in. So, although you can’t control everything in life, you can always control your own life and how you chose to live it. Pace yourself, live in the moment, and put yourself first when it comes to healthy heart.

3. Take Care Of The Skin, Body, Mind, & Soul

Selfcare – Live More Zone

To remedy the physical and mental effects of work stress, it is essential to do things that are good for your well-being as a whole. For starters, deal with those pesky breakouts that pop out on your skin from nowhere. Don’t feel like doing it yourself? When you look and feel healthy, you have better control of how stress affects your life.

4. Unplug Once A Day

Unplug once – Live More Zone

Living in a world of constant notifications is not conducive to relaxation. And trust us when we say that you will not miss much by unplugging for at least an hour a day. Create a “technology-free zone” at home, like in the bedroom. Relax — your likes will be there in the morning. You should never feel guilty about devoting time to your personal life, as it is good not just for your mental well-being but also for your physical health.

5. Control Your Cash Flow

Save money – Live More Zone

Does your money seem to go *poof* after each paycheck? Talk about the world’s worst magic trick. Whether it’s a nasty shopping habit or the result of loan debt, it is essential to keep track of how you spend money on a day-to-day basis. Write down what you spend each day in a journal, or use the digibank app  which helps you to save better on savings account and avail a host of other benefits as well.

6. Organise Your Things

Organise documents – Live More Zone

Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has elevated decluttering to the level of the cultural zeitgeist. If you got a particularly joyful thrill by watching her work her magic from the safety of your living room, then maybe it is time to start getting your home {or at least your room} organized.

Everyone has different organizational challenges, and not every organizational tool will seem appealing — or useful — to everyone. Therefore, it is essential to find something that works for your advantage and can help you become more efficient. Take the case of Driefcase, which enables you to scan and upload not just your medical documents but also a host of other important papers like birth certificates, identity cards, and insurance policies. Best part? You can retrieve them in ten seconds, whenever you need them.

7. Save, Save, Save

Saving – Live More Zone

Do you need that INR 50 coffee every morning? Take a look at your spending habits and see where you can save some extra money. Whether you want to go on a lovely holiday or have a just-in-case fund, regularly setting aside some cash is always a good idea. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a little nest egg to fall back on, in case of emergency.

8. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Eat and exercise – Live More Zone

If you are someone who battles anxiety or stress {even in a minor manner}, it goes without saying that changes in your daily routine can sometimes be overwhelming. So even though you might feel tired, deal with chronic aches and pains, have trouble sleeping, or notice changes in your appetite, getting some exercise might not always be easy, even though it seems like the obvious solution. But exercise and a healthy diet are essential and can help in various ways. It can improve your mood in both the short and long term, it’s a way to find social support, and it helps you reach your goals which can enhance your overall confidence. This is one of the most important ways when it comes to get a healthy heart.

It’s important to remember that exercise does not have the power to change the way you think, but it can be a useful tool in managing stress.

9. Plug-in the Music

Listen music – Live More Zone

The notion that music can influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors probably does not come as much of a surprise. Music has been used as a useful tool to reduce and manage stress. Music has also been effectively used for many therapies, where they can soothe the mind and induce relaxation. This has been backed by research that proves that listening to music can be an effective way to cope with stress.

In 2013, a study was conducted, in which participants took part in one of three conditions before being exposed to a stressor and then taking a psychosocial stress test. Some participants listened to relaxing music, others listened to the sound of rippling water, and the rest received no auditory stimulation. The results suggested that listening to music had an impact on the human stress response, and those who had listened to music tended to recover more quickly following a stressor.

10. Try Out New Tasks & Projects

New projects  – Live More Zone

With every job, there will be tasks you like and tasks you don’t — that’s life. When you figure out the aspects of your work, you enjoy the most, ask your higher management to include you on similar projects in the future. This will help you specialize your skills, which could even lead to a promotion further down the line.

This weekend, the world celebrates World Health Day, and while we believe that taking care of your heart is a lifelong process, it is always a good idea to get health insurance in place for yourself and your family. With INR 7/per day digibank by DBS allows you to stay in control even during emergencies. It’s time to take control of your health and heart – find out more here.

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