20 April 2020 | 5 min read

9 Tips To Help You {Start And} Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive


There’s little or nothing that can beat the peace and calm sitting in a garden offers. Unfortunately, considering the urban structures we live in today, having a large outdoor space isn’t possible for everyone. But it is possible to enjoy the same experience in a concrete jungle – all you have to do is plan to add some indoor plants to your homes.

Do’s and Don’ts List To Take Care of Your House Plants

Before we go in-depth into the world of plants, here is a quick do and don’t list that you should always keep in mind.

  1. Every plant has a place – While some plants require shade, indirect light, or direct sunlight, others need moisture. Don’t choose a plant that won’t grow in your home’s conditions or requires more attention than you’re willing to give it – that is a precise method for setting yourself up for failure. Find out how much light and care the plant needs and plan accordingly.
  2. Choose soil carefully – Soil is one of the essential elements in the growth of a pant. Make sure that the soil you make or buy is according to your plant’s needs.
  3. Check the roots of plants – Many people forgot about the plant roots, but they are the feeding organ of the plant, so it’s essential to keep them healthy. If you find you plant outgrowing the pot in which it was planted, repot your plant into a larger one while adding some fertilizer to it as well. It’s good practice to lay pebbles at the bottom of your pot before adding soil.
  4. Water is not always the answer – Different plants have different water requirements. The best course of action is to find a reputable growing guide and consult the recommendations. Useful growing guides make it easier for you to understand issues and systematically address them.

Also, don’t be afraid that once the lockdown is over, your busy schedules will end up killing our little green friends. Keep reading to find the ideal way to start your indoor garden at home and how to take care of them in the days to come. Let’s start.

Locate A Functional Space In The House

Functional space for plants

The most important tip. Before you buy any plants, you need to find the best space for them to grow in your house. An airy corner of the house that has plenty of natural light, ideally near a window, is perfect for most plants to bloom. Some shade-loving plants can also grow and stay well in the less-lit areas.

Choosing The Plants

Choosing the indoor plants

Know what you want before you plant your garden. Do you wish to have a flower garden? Air-purifying plants? Kitchen herbs? Or only plants that make your space look pretty? Once you have made the decision, you can visit a nursery and talk to the expert there so you can make the right choice.

Avoid having your garden in arid areas or places near heat or air-conditioning outlets. Plants won’t survive harsh conditions like heat or cold.

Start Small

Small indoor plants

If indoor plants are new to you then perhaps hold off from buying that 2 metre tall fiddle leaf fig tree and instead choose a more manageable plant. The size does not necessarily dictate if a plant will be easy to manage, however we recommend that you start small to get a feel for it and once your confidence grows then bring in larger plants and trees.

Nourish Your Plants

Nourish the plants

You may not necessarily have enough gardening experience. But, you can always talk to an expert. Quality of soil, fertilizers to be used, the amount of water a plant requires are critical points to consider for a beautiful, lush garden.

A Handy Source Of Water

Water source for plants

Something that most people forget to consider when placing their garden indoors is that they will need to have a water source nearby. You will frequently need to water them, especially during hot summer days. Try buying a garden hose or a watering can to make life easier. That said, do remember that you need to water the plants only when the potting mix feels dry to the touch – overwatering is a common cause of indoor plant death. An effective way to water your plants at a steady rate is to use ice cubes. Place a few ice cubes on top of the potting soil and let them melt.

Provide Enough Sunlight

Indoor gardens need enough sunlight, just like your outdoor gardens – even if they are shade-loving plants. Blocked sunlight will eventually lead to their wilting and dying, which is why the location of your garden is significant.

Plan To Re-pot Your Plant

Repot the plants

Re-potting plants usually involves moving them from one pot to another with new soil. This means that the new pot is larger, giving the plant more room to grow. Also, it goes without saying that the new soil will have more nutrients than the old soil.

There are a lot of good reasons to re-pot your plants occasionally, but not more than once every 1-2 years. Check and see that your indoor plant is in a pot that’s big enough for it to thrive. Choosing the right pot for your plants is crucial, and be sure to check that it has proper drainage.

Get To Know Your Plants

Know your plant

The diversity of plant life is incredibly vast. Just think of the many plants you are familiar with: flowers that grow in temperate summers, lush tropical trees and vines, and desert cacti. All plants have evolved to deal with certain sets of conditions that have to do with temperature, light, water, and nutrient availability, just to name a few factors.

Get to know the specific requirements of the plant(s) you have. It’s super important to read the instructions on the tag that your plant comes with. It’s also a good idea to do some searching on your own, for tips and tricks on how to best care for your plant. It will help them nourish and grow in a better manner.

Hire A Gardener If You Don’t Have Time

Gardener for plants

Sparing enough time for your indoor garden is vital. However, if your hectic schedule makes it difficult for you to have time for gardening, it is best to have a gardener come over and take care of your plants – always better than leaving them ignored.



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