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Tips To Take A Social Media Detox


If you feel social media is not just a part of your life – it has become your whole life, it’s time to go on a social media detox ASAP. In today world, where we rely on social media to stay updated, promote our work and communicate with friends and family, and whatnot, sometimes using it too much can be scary. We have nothing against social media. On the contrary, we feel it’s a great tool if you consume it with a clear purpose and don’t let it control your life. However, taking a break from it (going on a social media detox) can be significant and empowering for you. If you are wondering how to stay away from social media, we are here to help! 

It may seem like an impossible task, but actually, it’s not if you know the right ways to do the detox. You can start small and then take it to the next level when you are ready. We have curated some valuable tips on how to get rid of social media or social media detox, in other words. All you have to do is follow these tips religiously.

Why you need a social media detox?

Social Media Detox – Live More Zone

Sometimes it helps to go away from something to see the bigger picture. Similarly, you should get rid of social media for a while to know its impact on your life – it hampers your productivity by eating up your time, causes a feeling of FOMO, and damages mental health. In short, social media is like a black hole that’s sucking uptime and our mental and emotional energy. Hence, it’s essential to detox to flush away all these toxic effects of virtual social life. If you still aren’t sure about taking the detox route, you should start tracking your time on networking platforms. For example, these days, all phones have this feature that shows the exact time you spend on each app. If this shocks you, you know what to do.

It’s high time to make up your mind and just go for it! Ahead are eight tips for social media detox.  We know it’s easier said than done. But every step taken in the right direction goes a long way. So let’s begin your social media detox.

1. A big no to notifications

A big no to notifications – Live More Zone

This is a simple yet significant step in your social detox journey. Because whenever a notification pops up on your phone, you feel this imaginary pressure to check the latest message or update. This is not a healthy habit. So go to your phone settings and turn off notifications for all social media apps right away.

2. Find a detox buddy

Find a detox buddy – Live More Zone

It’s just like having a workout partner. When you have someone close to doing the detox with you, you can share your struggle and feats with him or her. There will be someone who will ensure that you don’t get off track. It is believed that you are more likely to stick to your goals when you can count on someone in difficult times.

3. Give your gadgets a bedtime

Give your gadgets a bedtime – Live More Zone

It may sound bizarre, but this trick works. Most of us have this habit of taking our phones to bed and spending countless hours on social media or gaming apps before sleeping. These late-night activities on your gadgets expose you to blue light that can affect your sleeping patterns. Keep your phone away at least one or two hours before going to bed. Spend those hours with your loved ones, read a book, or learn something new. Also, get an actual alarm clock instead of using the one on your phone. Finally, eliminate all the purposes of keeping the phone closer to you during resting hours. 

4. Stick to a new morning routine

Stick to a new morning routine – Live More Zone

Give your day a positive start by keeping technology at bay for a few hours after waking up in the morning. Do something that your love – like reading a book, gardening, cooking, etc. Including these activities in your morning routine will undoubtedly help you resist the urge to start scrolling as soon as you wake up. You can also practice meditation to feel calm and content. 

5. Value your attention

Value your attention – Live More Zone

We must respect our time and attention. Get into a habit of spending it wisely. You think twice before spending money, right? You have to apply that same formula here. Soon enough, you will see the difference. This will also enable you to unlock one of the secrets of getting rid of social media.

6. Keep the phone away while working

Keep the phone away while working – Live More Zone

It’s become our habit of reaching for our phone for every single thing. Sometimes, I open my phone to see time and end up scrolling through social media for hours. Does it happen with you too? Here’s something that can help with this compulsive behaviour. Put your phone in another room when you are working or eating a meal. If you have to keep your phone with you for essential calls, you can simply block social media apps for those hours. If your profession demands the usage of social media, use a separate account for work.

7. Make it hard to access social media apps

Make it hard to access social media apps – Live More Zone

First, you must identify the apps that you use the most and then shift them to a folder or hidden spot in your phone. Because when you have your most-used social media apps on your home screen, you open and start scrolling without realising. This will do the trick in shifting your mindset. You can even get into a habit of logging out every time you use any social media app. This will make you think twice before you use these apps.

8. Delete social media apps

Delete social media apps – Live More Zone

This will be a challenging and most liberating step in the process of social detox. However, if you have been following all the above tips, it won’t be that difficult for you. Start small. Challenge yourself to go app-free for a day, a week, and then for a whole month. If you feel anxious, remind yourself that you can always reinstall the apps whenever you want.

In conclusion, the benefits of going on social media detox are beyond words. First, it makes you feel safe and in control. Second, it helps you protect your privacy which is crucial these days. Cookies and algorithmic tools have made it a piece of cake for websites and social media apps to predict our preferences and tastes pretty accurately. That’s why it’s important to keep cleaning your phone and updating your privacy online. I hope you find these tips on ‘how to get rid of social media’ helpful.



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