22 March 2021 | 4 min read

Transform Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring Season Clothes


Ladies, it’s that time of the year when you do radiate sunshine and bloom with each gaze. Yes, it’s the cusp of winter  and spring which means using your winter clothes smartly. Most of you spend a lot of time and effort putting together your winter collection and folding it back into the loft is just heart-breaking. Not just yet! Because we’re going to give you some lesser-known transitional tips on how to pick a few things from your winter wardrobe and navigate them wisely into your spring season clothes.

All of us want to look our glamorous best in the warm season  coming up, don’t we? So, don’t discard all your gorgeous winter wear just yet and dive straight into our transformational tips for spring clothes.

1. Play with fabrics

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One of the easiest ways to transition into spring season clothes is to use various fabrics from your wardrobe  as a playground. Mix and match your light sweaters with lighter garments like suede or chiffon. Or even better, wear your sweaters with skirts instead of pants and jeans to make the outfit more breathable. Stay away from the dark denim and leather pants to indulge in bright short skirts and lightweight maxi skirts. To look more weather-appropriate, you could ‘spring it up’ with a vibrant pair of sandals or stylish white sneakers . How easy is this to pair with clothes we wear in the spring season!?

2. Strengthen the layering game

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Everyone’s closet has a bunch of blazers and trenches hanging in there and before throwing them away for the season, think about the various ways you can still use a few light ones. Style up a trench coat with a thin graphic t-shirt or tank top. To make it a little sassy, add a chunky chain or some statements earrings to the look.  You could even go for a chic look by adding a scarf to this look. No matter what temperature, sneakers, jeans/skirt, t-shirt and blazer just works wonders.  Remember, it is super convenient to carry tote bags in the spring season when you are not layered like a penguin. Rock those dresses for spring with some bright colour-blocking using tote bags.

3. Get quirky With Your Boots

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The one thing you can still use to magnify every single look in the spring season is your boots! Pair your ankle-length boots, knee-high boots or even riding boots with all the cute spring season clothes. From short floral dresses to maxis skirts and dresses, nothing completes a bold look without boots. You can look quirky, sophisticated, or even sexy on your next date night or a day out with your girls with this style duo. Oh, don’t forget to flaunt your beautifully pedicured feet with some trendy open-toed boots this spring. 

4. Re-style your winter classics

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For many years now, the trendiest outfit in the semi-formal segment has always been sweater dresses. From short-sleeve sweater dresses to sleeve-less and full-sleeve ones, they have the power to give you an elegant, formal, minimal yet stylish look.  These are no-brainer golden pieces for transitioning into clothes for spring. These dresses keep you warm but don’t make you feel hot. They are comfortable and classy at the same time. The best part is that you can layer them up with a denim jacket, crop top or even wear a knee-length skirt with them. Lastly, feel free to slay in your ankle-length boots to make it an ensemble that sticks!

5. Splash the right colours

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The winter season makes you want to wear darker shades, and many girls generally like to wear their blacks and greys very often. Although, after several months of dark doses, it’s time to brighten your coming days with some beautiful pastels and neutrals. So, mix up your colours to ignite a fresh spring look by reaching out to your soft neutrals, pastel tones and but still pairing them with your go-to boots. Once the weather starts getting warmed up, you can style vibrant coloured tops and dresses with lighter coloured denim.

You can also start transitioning into Monochrome combinations by wearing white denim to kickstart your spring clothes collection. Swap your blacks by Indulging in colours like beige, cream, baby blue, peach and sea-green, etc. Now that you don’t need thermal wear, you can start transitioning to cropped pants and denim shorts alongside your winter tops as well. Feel free to experiment with your turtle-neck tops and vests by pairing them up with denim. Speaking of denim, jeans are probably the most versatile and appropriate springtime go-to outfits. The act as a staple because they usually end up matching with all kinds of tops like floral blouses, polo t-shirts, high-neck tops and much more. This instantly transforms your wardrobe into spring season clothes.

We hope you’re now inspired by our quick but informative tips on clothes for the spring season and fun hacks to transform your wardrobe from winter to spring. Go on and slay, sister! You can also avail great discounts and offers on shopping with digibank debit cards .



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