29 July 2020 | 4 min read

7 Unhealthy Ways You May Be Coping Right Now


Almost half the year is over, and many places around the world are still grappling with COVID-19 and its impact. With social distancing becoming the new normal, it is safe to say that our mental health and feelings of despair and loneliness are becoming quite frequent. Even though the situation looks grim and might take a few months to come back to any normalcy, there is still hope, because we are in this together. The stress of balancing a new routine, while staying away from friends and family might sometimes result in unhealthy ways of coping, sometimes without you even realizing it. 

The best way to tackle unhealthy coping mechanism is by recognizing them as early as possible – this means that any activity that is detrimental to your physical, psychological or emotional health needs to addressed as soon as possible. Not all coping mechanism is suitable, so make sure if you are indulging in any of the below, you take a break and unwind in a better manner. 

Binge-Watching Shows And Movies

Netflix and Chill! is like the new life mantra. Ask anyone, and they would prefer watching something over Netflix than catch up over a call or video with friends and family. We know life has come to a standstill, but that does not mean we cut ties and distance ourselves from our friends and family we have. Even if we don’t need them, maybe they need us?

Diet Matters

There are two categories to this. The first ones are those that are home and eating at every possible interval, the most unhealthy things available at home. The second category is those who are living alone and often skip meals. We know times and tough, work schedules are hectic, and household chores top it all to make things even more stressful, but skipping meals is just going to hamper your health more. Eating at odd hours is the worst kind of torture you could be giving your body.


Balancing work and personal life, especially during COVID-19, can be a very stressful and daunting task. This is especially true because now you have to manage both of them from the same space, thereby blurring the line between the two activities. It’s easy to make work a distraction, especially when working from home feels like you’re always “on-call.” But doing so can have unsatisfactory results like job resentment, mental burnout, and work-life imbalance. 

If you have been working for more works during WFH, you will realize that overworking is having adverse mental and physical effects. When you find yourself mindlessly creating work for yourself, step away from the office or desk and work on something that will act as a creative outlet. These can include reading a good book, cooking a good meal or spending time catching up with friends on video calls. 

Not Following A Proper Routine 

Life has come to a standstill for the entire world since the last four months. The whole world’s workforce has shifted to a work-from-home model, which has blurred the line between work hours and personal hours. This has resulted in significant problems not just in our daily life but also in our mental and physical well-being. With our routines gone for a toss, we sleep at odd hours, work at odd hours, eat whenever we are either hungry or bored without setting a time for anything.

Overthinking About The Present

A lot of us have had adverse effects of staying indoors for 100% of our time. Humans are social beings and to be restricted into our homes, we feel caged. And that thought leads from one to the other, leading us into a darker space in our thoughts. Overthinking leads nowhere, and the key is to find solace in where we are. Hobbies like reading books, gardening, learning a new language or skill online, painting, etc. help us keep our mind busy and relaxed.

Throwing Yourself Into Change

It’s is very tempting to add new things and activities during social distancing so that it feels like you are doing something productive. However, not all activities can be productive and can impact your mental health in more ways than one. It is okay to take time and relax because mental health issues can easily be ignored when you run after other distractions. So remember that staying grounded and at peace with yourself and your surroundings is much more important than all the new projects you feel that you must do to keep yourself occupied. 

Worrying About The Future

Nobody knows what the future holds, but worrying about it won’t help us in any way. Worrying about an unforeseeable future will only add to our present worries. Hence, instead of worrying about what the future holds because we do not know what will happen, we recommend you get insurance will help you lessen your problems. A lot of COVID-19 insurance policies are available in the market today, which will aid in helping curb the concerns for your future. We suggest the DBS bank COVID-19 insurance, for it’s simplified procedure when it comes to claims. To know more,  click here.

Additionally, DBS cares initiatives by the bank ensures safety to all its employees, customers and the community, especially during these uncertain times.  


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