7 January 2021 | 5 min read

Ways To Get Into A Positive Mindset For The New Year


After all the despair and depression of 2020, we could all use a little festive and positive outlook to usher in the new year. While coronavirus would not magically go away on 1st Jan 2021, we can instead focus on the essential things in life and make our resolutions (realistic ones) accordingly.

Staying positive is after all the first step in law of attraction and what the world needs right now. Whether you celebrate by staying in at your home or plan a dinner date with your friends, make it a point to do something that soothes your mind this NYE. Suffice it to say, big, lavish parties inexpensive restaurants and clubs will not be the go-to celebration for most of us.

Thus, embarking on a different kind of festivity with a positive mindset is all we can do. Ready to get in the holiday mode? Take notes and incorporate what you would like to do this NYE and for the rest of the year ahead.

1. Start Your Year With Reflections on 2020

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The entire point of celebrating New Year’s Eve with a positive attitude is that you get to shed your apprehensions of the past and focus on the day and a full year that is coming. When you stay positive, you are bound to release dopamine like you do endorphins when you exercise or do some other activity that makes you happy. Thus, sitting with your dairy and simply writing down all your accomplishments and missed-out opportunities is an excellent place to start preparing for the new year—Laud yourself for everything, the wins, and the failures. And reflect on the small things and events that brought you boundless wisdom. Once you do this, you can reminisce on the year gone by, however hard it was and create a clean slate for next year.

2. Write Down Your Goals For The Next Year

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Once you have reflected on the past and are finally in the present, start writing down your goals for 2021. A lively new year is all about making the most of a fresh start, and you can do that by starting small. Take on all your goals with the aphorism ‘one day at a time’ while you keep a five-year plan with you. Make sure to list down your financial goals separately and start working on that from day one. This will help in not overwhelming you about what the future holds.

3. Add Kindness, Gratitude and Helping Others To The List

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Once you have written down your tangible goals and have a good idea of what you might want to in the next 12 months and beyond, make sure you add virtues that you will cultivate or stand by, no matter what. Because if anything, 2020 was a big reminder in being kind, grateful and helping others while we can. In any small way! Make it a point to do something for someone other than yourself, friends, or extended family. Donating to a cause that you feel strongly about will also do—or just helping out a stranger in need. A little goes a long way.

4. Make It A Point To Start every day with a Positive Mindset

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Being a perpetual overthinker myself, I cannot stress how important this is. Just the small switch from thinking worst-case scenarios to repeatedly saying ‘everything will be fine’ helps a lot. And if you are planning to become a more optimistic person this year, do it every day. First thing in the morning, create a habit that releases those happy hormones and sets you up in a positive mindset for the day. Whether you listen to one episode of a podcast or read one chapter in a book each morning, start small and go the distance.

5. Plan An Evening with Your Friends and Family

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While this can be on the list for NYE, you can and should do this often in 2021 with all social distancing norms properly in place. The one thing 2020 took away from us was our regular gatherings and the sense of community. Of course, on the brighter side, we will never take those cafe dates and movie nights for granted ever again. Thus, to bring in the new year, how about having a dinner of your favourite dishes with a movie marathon with your friends and family.

6. Reach Out and Reconnect With Friends Who Are Far Away

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Or who are in your neighborhood? The point is to keep in touch with people who matter to you and who have been distanced in the past year or so. Reconnect with them, ask about their life, even if you do it virtually. We all know we could use a conversation with our friends and family members this year. Why not make this a thing going in the next year?

7. Build A Reading Habit Or Diversify Your Genre

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Last but not least, read all the books you ever wanted to. Even if you are not big on reading, pick up books on your vocation and perfect your skill. A page a day will build you an invaluable way of life and even if you don’t read for perfection or knowledge, just read for the sake of escapism. In 2020, it was after all, books and movies that helped us travel the world when flights were grounded, and we are cooped up in our homes.

When it comes to NYE, everyone has a different way of celebrating, make sure you stick to what is best for you. And of course, keep the well-being and safety of yourself and others in mind. We are living in unprecedented times, and thus, our celebrations would be just that, unusual and unique but beautiful.



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