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6 Effective Ways To Reduce Air Pollution


You may not realise it, but the effects of air pollution are all around us! From that cold that simply can’t stay away to the thick grey fog you see on your morning jog; it’s causing more damage to us and our loved ones than we realise. If you’re one of those who believe in a better future, the concern of air pollution may have appeared on your radar. If it hasn’t, well, that’s why we’re here to tell you about its impact and the ways to reduce air pollution.

Why should we work to reduce air pollution?

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Air pollution causes issues to our health as well as the environment at large. Here are some of the ill-effects of air pollution:

  • Illness and diseases: In the short term, air pollution is responsible for a host of irritants, including bronchitis, pneumonia, burning eyes and headaches. In the long term, it causes diseases like heart disease , lung cancer, emphysema, and damage to organs like kidneys, the brain, and livers.
  • Environmental Issues: Pollution in the air falls onto the Earth in the form of acid rain. This contaminates water bodies and the soil on which it falls. This also leads to the death of young trees and smaller plants. Even animals face the same problems as humans in terms of deteriorating health due to smoke. Finally, greenhouse gases cause Global Warming, which is responsible for climate change , holes in the Ozone layer, and the melting of the poles.
  • Smog: You’ve probably seen it early in the morning. A thick cloud of grey, smoky fog. Smog (short for smoke and fog) not only causes breathing problems but is also a significant reason for decreased visibility for pilots flying early morning flights. At its worst, even regular commuters and drivers face this problem, resulting in avoidable accidents.

6 Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

1. Reduce Traveling or Carpool

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Emissions from vehicles that run on Petrol and Diesel are major contributors to air pollution. Walk or cycle to nearby locations. It’s good for your health and the environment. In case you have to travel longer distances, opt for public transport (like buses) or carpool with others. This’ll reduce the number of emissions per person.

2. Plant More

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While not all of us have access to lush gardens with the area to plant giant trees, there’s still a solution. The trend of terrace gardens has started taking off in many urban societies. Even if that’s not possible, you can always grow a plant on your windowsill. According to NASA, household plants like the Gerbera Daisy, Peace Lily and English Ivy are known to be pretty effective when it comes to absorbing carbon monoxide and releasing oxygen. If you’re working from home, plants have the added benefit of offering freshness and the green has a soothing and calming effect.

3. Get Solar Gadgets

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Sure, going paperless and driving electric vehicles has been touted as a solution to save the planet. But most people don’t realise that a significant source of electricity in India comes from burning coal. This is not only responsible for the smoke produced by these generators but also that by mining operations. Solar-powered gadgets use renewable (and pollution-free) energy from the sun to run your devices. For larger appliances that are unable to run on solar power, look for the energy-efficient star rating. This will reduce the amount of energy it consumes.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Just like with energy generators, all kinds of industries and factories release pollutants into the atmosphere during their manufacturing processes. Reducing purchasing products, you don’t need lessens the need to produce them. Another way to prevent air pollution and decrease waste is by reusing  existing jars and boxes and refilling them with handwashes, detergents, etc.

5. Avoid the Fireworks

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Burning crackers is a sure-fire way of getting smoke into the atmosphere. Fireworks release chemicals like sulphur nitrates, nitrogen dioxide and magnesium when burnt. While on the topic of setting things alight, try not to burn anything at all. Burning waste, especially plastic, can be harmful. In cases of carelessness, the fire even spreads and causes more than environmental damage.

6. Shop at Companies with a Smaller Carbon Footprint

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Working to save the planet does not only have to be an effort on our end. Many companies are joining in to give back to society. Shopping with them is a great way to reward their efforts to continue doing the same in the long run. It’s not just smaller companies that are attempting this. With DBS Sustainability, we’re working on multiple measures to prevent air pollution.

Is there anything you do to prevent air pollution that we haven’t mentioned? Do let us know in the comments!



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