21 July 2020 | 4 min read

5 Ways To Upcycle Clothes At Home


We all have old or damaged clothes we don’t wish to part with because we have some level of emotional connect with it. Since the clothes are not in their best condition, it is practically impossible to wear them anymore. You can’t wear them; you can’t bring yourself to discard them – what do you do with such clothes? Fret not! With DIY or upcycling clothes around, you can practically recreate, reinvent and repurpose any clothing piece you like.

This way, you get to save and restore your favourite piece as well as get a new garment made in an economical and environmentally friendly manner. With these five ways to upcycle clothes at home, you will never want to get rid of anything.

Tip – Upcycling clothes might be a long process, so make sure you order or cook something for yourself so that you can keep the hunger pangs away. Order online here.

1. Tie And Dye

Tie And Dye - Live More Zone

We all have that one piece we love and wear with utmost care. And it breaks our heart if that piece gets damaged in any way. Especially if it gets stained, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get rid of that stain. When every stain removing solution fails, it is time to dye that piece and revamp your clothes.

You can either dye it in a different colour, or you can try a tie and dye. Easy to do, all you need is some fabric dyes for that specific fabric and something to tie the fabric. Select your colours and design pattern and start dyeing. In a matter of a few hours, you will have a new stain-free garment.

2. Fabric Painting

Fabric Painting - Live More Zone

Are you bored of wearing the same piece again and again? Want to improve a washed out and faded one? Fabric paint will help you spice up your plain or old pieces. You can start small, and once you gain confidence; you can experiment with different designs and techniques.

Get yourself a few brushes and fabric pains and give an instant makeover to your old piece, and by the time you finish, it will look new and improved. From tee to jackets and jeans to shoes, a few brush strokes can instantly elevate a garment.

3. Vegetable Stamp Printing

Vegetable Stamp Printing - Live More Zone

If you think vegetables are just for eating, think again! As delicious as they may taste, they can create equally striking prints. Think lady fingerprint stars, onion print roses, French beans print branches, and many more fun and funky print designs made from everyday vegetables.

You can keep the original shape or crave it to create a new design. Once you know what sort of design you have in mind, pick the vegetable that works best with it and start printing. Vegetable stamp printing is an organic, cost-effect and natural way to give your clothes a refreshing makeover.

4. Patchwork 

Patchwork - Live More Zone

You have an old heirloom saree that has started to fray. The first jacket you ever purchased from your own money now has holes in it. Both can’t be worn anymore. Why not use the salvageable pieces of the saree and make applique motifs and add it to the jacket? You get to revamp your jacket as well as incorporate heirloom pieces.

Patchwork is a great way to fix, mend or decorate garments. Patchwork allows you to enhance and improve garments you don’t wish to discard.

5. Redesign 

Redesign - Live More Zone

After some time, clothes tend to shirk, lose their vibrancy, tear and become out of shape. And while they may look to be in perfectly excellent condition, they have indeed lost their original charm. The best way to breathe new life into these pieces is by redesigning them. If the colour is faded too much, add some bling to bedazzle it. You can use old jewellery pieces to add that instant spark to it.

If the garment has shrunk, you can transform into another garment. Crop those jeans and make them into shorts or rework a shrunken dress into a top. With a whole bunch of DIY ideas available online, you can effortlessly redesign any piece and recreate it an entirely new garment.



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