16 April 2020 | 3 min read

Pen Pals Online: 5 Websites To Connect You With Pen Pals


The current lockdown is a frustrating time for avid travelers, especially those who travel to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. But this does not mean that you can’t make new friends. Here are some websites that will allow you to meet new friends and make them your pen pals, even while you are still being in self-isolation.

List of Websites For Pen Pals:

1. Postcrossing

Postcrossing website

It won’t be possible for you to travel any time soon. But you can still send postcards. Postcrossing connects people through the art of physical postcard-writing. This pen pals site works on a simple idea – send a postcard to the address you’re given, then receive one from another random ‘postcrosser.’ In case you wish to continue the conversation, you can use the ID number on the postcard to find and message the sender through the Postcrossing site. The best part is that membership is free for this pen pals website and also includes online forums and meetups in person.

2. Conversation Exchange

Conversation Website

What better way to build a cross-cultural friendship than practicing a new language with a native speaker is? Conversation Exchange makes this possible. This pen pals website is a global language-learning platform that allows users to choose from over 100 different languages to constructed languages like Esperanto, and even Ancient Greek and Latin! Speakers are matched with students who want to build their fluency through voice, video, or writing. This platform for pen pals also offers a range of language resources. Basic membership is free, and you can make lots of pen friends here.

3. Compatipal


This platform brings together like-minded people for conversations. Compatipal is a new entry in the “pen pals” world. Focusing on shorter and more immediate communication, it offers instant messaging on the site. You can search for users based on their location, interests, etc. The site is free to use and accepts members from all over the world.

4. PenPal World

Penpal World

Operative since 1998, PenPal World connects millions of global users through its portal. To maintain security, members make their first interactions directly through this pen pals website and then transition to email or hand-written letters. With their free membership, you can reach out to up to three members per day. However, a VIP membership lets you reach out to 50 members every 24 hours.

5. Wanderful


Built mainly for and by avid women travelers, Wanderful has thousands of members that come together through meetups, group travel, and global events. Members can sign up for exciting stuff like one-on-one language learning chats, happy hours, join virtual yoga, travel shows with other travelers. Annual membership starts at $69, but Wanderful is giving away 600 memberships from April 1 to keep people in touch while in isolation.

Staying fit is essential, both for your mental and physical health. Make sure you take some time out for it.



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