20 May 2020 | 3 min read

Want Some Quick Reads? Websites to Read Magazines Online


As almost the entire world is getting used to staying indoors, online media and entertainment are what’s keeping us all stay calm. What if we give you some fun magazine subscription options (no strings attached) as well?

Why not, you ask? Well read on and find some fantastic apps that offer online magazine subscriptions for all types of readers.

1. Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle - Live More Zone

It’s been much over a decade since its launch, but Amazon Kindle what half the world prefers when it comes to e-reading. But it is not just for books, did you know? Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service that lets you read much more than just e-books.

For quick reads and leisure magazine reading, this is a great option. You will find several international men’s and women’s magazines here; some widely read ones include, Women’s Day, Muse, Food Network Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping, and Men’s Health. The best part is that you can download the Kindle app on your tablets, iPads, or smartphones and read!

2. Zinio

Zinio - Live More Zone

Zinio is a slightly different service; in a sense, it is like a traditional store. This means you pay for your preferred magazine subscriptions or even individual issues, making it much more expensive than the other services. But if you are an occasional magazine reader, this is ideal for you. However, Zinio has special offers and deals now and then, and some free articles regularly available.

They boast of a humongous 6,000 and more magazines from around the world. The best part is that readers can even access Marvel comics here!

3. Texture

Texture - Live More Zone

If you are an Apple fan, you can opt for Texture over Kindle, for the simple reason that it will sync well with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, News, etc. Texture has over 200 magazines, all top favorites including the likes of Time, Wired, The Atlantic, and Sports Illustrated.

But the good news for the ‘non-Apple users’ too! For now, at least, Texture is available on Android devices too, including Amazon tablets.

4. Readly

Readly - Live More Zone

Readly gives you access to over 3,211 magazines and over 75,000 new and back issues. With a subscription, you can read on up to five devices simultaneously, with up to five individual profiles; and on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire tablets, or even the Web.

5. Magzter

Magzter - Live More Zone

Much like Zinio, Magzter offers about 5,000 magazines from around the world and “premium” articles from top publications like Forbes and The Atlantic. Here’s the fun part – Magzter allows its Gold members to share their subscription with up to four family members. That’s not all – you can even get a 50 percent discount on Magzter subscriptions when you pay with your card- find out more here.

Although this may not sound like a big deal, it could be useful for families where it’s vital to keep progress and collections separate. Magzter app is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets too.



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