6 January 2021 | 5 min read

8 Virtual Women’s Day Celebration Ideas


A day to honour all the trials and tribulations that women have gone through over the years to achieve the current state of independence they have. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but this is what Women’s Day is for, a reminder of how far we have come from securing universal adult franchise to demanding equal pay at workplaces. This is why women’s day celebrations are essential and should be observed everywhere, including workplaces. 

But why do we celebrate it specifically on 8th March? In 1914, International Women’s Day was held in Germany. All women gathered around, and this day was dedicated to women’s struggle wherein they wanted their right to vote in Germany. They did get their due but not till 1918, and from thereon, International Women’s Day has been the celebrated world over.

Unlike the previous years, we have a pandemic to think about before we gather around with our girl tribe and celebrate in the usual ways. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the women in your life unique and valued (this should be done every day). If you are looking for women’s Day ideas for celebration and honour the Tour de force women are, we have got you covered.

If you are looking to celebrate women’s day on a personal front, here are a few of the women’s day celebration ideas that will come in handy.

1. Connect with women who inspire you

 Inspiring Women  – Live More Zone

Whether it is in your field of work, a hobby you are passionate about or only women who inspire and motivate you to keep going via their posts on social media, connect with them and write them a heartfelt note. Of course, you can either send it via postal mail or message them, but make sure you tell them of the particular instances where their work, ideas and ethos resonated with you and helped you in forging ahead. You will feel good, and if they do open your chats, they will sparkle with joy and admiration.

2. Talk to women who make your day better

Talk to women  – Live More Zone

After you dropped a message to your favourite mentor, it is time to thank the women who are your cheerleaders in real life. It can be your mother, sister, best friend, classmate, co-worker or even a neighbour whose act of kindness made you smile that time. Talk to them and tell them all about how they have brightened your day somewhere in the past. This gesture will touch them.

3. Have a potluck meal

potluck – Live More Zone

If you can gather your female friends and family members, keeping all the precautions and safety measures in check, go for a potluck meal. It can be anything from a dinner to a brunch, depending on what everyone’s comfortable with. When it comes to women’s day activity ideas, this one is gold. It brings about a sense of belonging and sisterhood, and you get to swap your favourite dishes and food. That is how you celebrate the indomitable spirit of women.

4. Donate to charities that resonate with you

Charities – Live More Zone

You can focus on women-centric or lead charities, but that is not the mandate. The purpose is to do some good and give back to society. Whether you are passionate about breast cancer awareness or feel that nursing homes and orphanages deserve all the help, they can get, step up, go to the charity , and donate. You can even bring along your friends and create a drive wherein you pitch in your spare clothes, belongings, books, and other things that can be donated. Moreover, if you can take out the time, spend a day at these charities. You will not only be moved by their stories of resilience but also get a lesson in being grateful for all you do have.

These are the things you can do by yourself. However, if you need women’s day events ideas for your workplace, there are plenty of virtual things you can do on 8th March this year.

5. Run a contest wherein you award a woman on IWD

Give Awards – Live More Zone

A women-centric contest wherein you ask your female followers and subscribers to share a quote resonates with them. You can even conduct quizzes, giveaway contest, or ask women on your feed to share their story of resilience. The ideas for women’s day celebrations online are endless. And the winners can either be someone from the workplace or women who follow you ardently.

6. Promote and talk about women who are industry leaders

Women Leaders – Live More Zone

When it comes to the workplace, nothing is as inspiring as talking to industry leaders and professionals in the field. Of course, it is another level boost if that person happens to be a woman. Invite such women in your area of work, arrange a talk on your Social Media handle, and ask them to share their stories about breaking the glass ceiling and how they reached where they are.

7. Create awareness about the issues that women still struggle with

Issues of women – Live More Zone

From the gender pay gap, sexual harassment, and mental health issues, plenty of touchpoints are still being navigated, and awareness is necessary. Pick such issues and run an awareness campaign on your feeds. This is perfect for both your female employees and people who follow you on the respective handles.

8. Conduct webinars and workshops with famous/inspirational women

Webinars – Live More Zone

Last but certainly not the least, you can set up hour-long webinars from authors, entrepreneurs, managers, software developers and anyone who you as a brand look up to. Instead of just a Q&A session, you can have a full webinar where they share advice, practical guidance that will be helpful for your female employees.

If none of these ideas is what you are looking for, you can always give the gift of time to that special woman in your life. Either do something from them like cook a meal, take charge of the household chores or gift them a vacation to a place where it is safe to travel, and they have meant to go for a long time.

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