23 March 2020 | 4 min read

7 Work From Home Tips Everyone Should Follow


We are hoping you all are practicing social distancing and working from home, as the World Health Organization has advised. The recent pandemic has brought the world on a pause, and we are now confined to our sweet abode. And if you are unable to make work from home a productive affair, start taking notes, because we are here to share some work from home tips to stay productive.

1. Work On Honing Professional Skills

Professional Skills - Live More Zone

Often, we are so stuck in our daily 9-5 grind that we don’t get to work on different sets of professional skills we have meant to add to our profile. Now, you have all this extra time. Make sure you are making the most of it. Sign up for online professional courses, buy books that will get closer to your set goal, and start working on it. We are all saving up on that commute and getting ready for work time, after all!

2. Note Your Productive Hours

Productive Hours - Live More Zone

We all have different times of peak productivity. And now that you are working from home, make sure you work when you are at your best. Of course, you still will have to work within the time stipulated by your company, but you can trade off a couple of hours here and there. For instance, if you are a night owl and get most of your work done at night, rest during the day when your online meetings are not set up.

3. Take Adequate Breaks

Take Breaks - Live More Zone

Not only after working, but in between your virtual meetings and getting the tasks of the day completed, you need to take proper rest. Since you are working from home, you can now indulge in power naps too. And make sure you take those coffee/tea breaks from time to time. Instead of the rooftop of your office or the lobby, now you can sip on your tea on the porch soaking in a sunset or the view outside.

4. Don’t Forget To Exercise.

Exercice regularly - Live More Zone

Since we are social distancing and almost all the gyms and fitness centres are closed, you still need to work out. And to do so, you need your yoga mat, music, and self-discipline. Whether you have a home workout routine or need to follow a trainer online, is entirely up to you. But make sure you are working out or at least moving throughout the day. Check out offers.

5. Decide Your Work Hours

Working hours - Live More Zone

Working from home doesn’t mean you are available 24*7, just like when we are working from the office, make sure you set the boundaries right. Clock in and clock out at the same time you would be doing when you were going to the office. This is extremely important, so you are not overworked because that will defeat the point of all this and affect your productivity.

6. Build A Tiny Workspace For Yourself

Build a workspace - Live More Zone

If you doze off every few minutes when working from the couch, create a small workspace in the corner of your home. Arrange your laptop and journals properly and create an aura like your work desk. This will give you all the push you need to get going. A small to-do list stuck on the wall will also help you.

7. Update Your To-Do List Every Mornings

To Do List - Live More Zone

When working from home and you don’t have a boss constantly checking your work updates, it can be challenging to keep track of what you have to do throughout your day. It’s easy to lose sight of priorities, tasks, and deadlines, which is why a to-do list in the morning is hugely critical.

Start your day by reviewing priorities for the day. When you make your task list, stick to it. It’s tempting to keep replying to emails, but with a little extra focus, you can focus on what you need to accomplish for the day. Set goals and time limits for each task. After you complete each task, cross it off the list. This work from home tip is both practical and fulfilling.

And above all, stay home and stay safe.



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