21 May 2020 | 4 min read

10 Work Habits You Must Master While Working From Home


Taking action for your business feels good; that rush of crossing things off your list and getting all your ducks in a row. Unfortunately, it can also be hard to work from home every day, especially when the lines between personal and professional lives begin to blur.

It is of essential importance that we adapt rapidly to our new reality. If you’re trying to WFH, you might feel your options for growth and improvement are somewhat limited right now. Luckily, there are ways you can take action to support your WFH initiatives so that you can continue to grow and prioritize your goals effectively.

1. Create A Workspace

Workspace - Live More Zone

Even though you are locked down at home and working from your comfortable space, ensure that you don’t end up sitting in bed or at the dining table with your laptop working. It plays with your mind and creates a relaxed, laidback mode. Instead, have a dedicated workspace with a desk and peripherals for work use only. If there’s a lack of space, then communicate to your family that a particular corner in the house will be workspace during your work hours. This creates discipline and lets you work without distraction.

Tip – You can buy some cool stationery and office gadgets – use your card and get good discount as well.

2. Follow Regular Work Hours

Follow Regular Hours - Live More Zone

Make sure that you set a schedule and stick to it. When other remote workers from your organization, including your seniors, know that you are strict with your work hours, even while working from home, it gives a clear message that you are severe and sincere with your work. For days when you must work a little late, make sure that you wrap up early the next day or start a bit late to avoid stress.

3. Have A Fixed Morning Routine

Fixed Morning Routine - Live More Zone

Having a work routine isn’t the only important factor that makes you an efficient remote worker. But your morning routine (before you even get to your desk) plays a huge role too. It might include your wake up time, breakfast, your morning shower, other household chores (if any), reading the news, etc.

Have enough time for these activities before you get started with your daily office work.

4. You Can Take Some Liberties

Take Some Liberties -Live More Zone

Successful remote workers are indeed very disciplined. But it is also true that you can let your attention drift a little once in a while. Take frequent breaks and give your eyes and brains some time to relax and unwind.

If you do take a few minutes off every day just being distracted, make sure that you don’t reprimand yourself. It is okay to cut yourself some slack and then get back to work refreshed.

5. Set Some Rules With Family/Housemates

Set Some Rules- Live More Zone

If you live with your family or friends, make them understand that even though you are working from home, you are ”working” seriously and cannot participate in the usual household activities you do on your days off. If you have children at home, you need to set boundaries for them too strictly.

6. Take Regular Breaks From Work

Breaks from work - Live More Zone

Every company has policies on employees taking coffee or lunch breaks or even casual breaks from work. Make sure you don’t overwork and exhaust yourself just because you aren’t in your office building. And when you do, take your lunch and coffee breaks, step away from your work desk.

7. Take Sick Leaves Without Feeling Guilty

Take leaves - Live More Zone

If you’re unwell, do not hesitate to take days off. It is very easy to fall into the ”I can work when unwell because I am home’home’ trap. You will find that you’re even more productive once you have recovered and resume work.

8. Maintain A Positive Attitude

Positive attitude - Live More Zone

Working from home for a long time can be a little stressful for some. Make sure you don’t let that reflect in your work or your attitude towards your colleagues. Taking regular breaks and strictly having your weekly days off is a must to give time to your hobbies, spending time with family, etc.

9. Know Your Perks

Working Perks - Live More zone

Working from home comes with unique perks. Please take advantage of them; you deserve all of them! For example, take breaks from work to chat with family, have a couple of more tea/coffee breaks, spend time baking, cooking, reading, etc.

10. Have A Fixed End Of Day Routine

Fix end of day - Live More Zone

Just like the mornings, have a routine that suggests the closing of your workday—like, shutting your laptop, signing off on business messaging apps, walking your dog, yoga. Whatever it is, do it consistently towards the end of your work hours.



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