5 August 2020 | 4 min read

Your Essential Guide To Cleaning Your Closet


Unless you are Marie Kondo, most likely your closet is in some stage of mess. Cluttered and disorganised, your wardrobe has turned into dumping yard of clothes overflowing from all sides. With today’s fast-paced life and a hectic schedule cleaning your closet may not be on top of your priority. However, wading through a messy closet every morning, struggling to find something to wear can be exhaustive.

We know re-organising your closet can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. But you need to create a system that is more accessible, more efficient and works for you. To help you declutter, we have compiled a guild to cleaning your closet.

1. Clean The Clutter

Clean The Clutter - Live More Zone

The first step is to take inventory of your closet and empty it. Remove everything, including clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery and shoes. Once your wardrobe is completely bare and devoid of clutter, you sort things out accordingly. Whether you want to keep it, discard it or donate/sell, segregate your pieces accordingly. This will help you decide which article goes where and you will have better clarity. Now that you have everything sorted out, you can start organising your closet.

2. Ask Yourself Tough Questions

Ask Yourself Tough Questions - Live More Zone

Before you organise your closet again, there are some tough questions you need to ask yourself. It’s time to make your decision. Some of the questions you can ask yourself includes the following.

  • Is this shirt/skirt/dress in good condition? If the apparel is torn, thoroughly worn or has broken zips, place it in the discard pile.
  • Have you worn it in the past year? This is an excellent way to gauge the future potential usage of a garment. If you have not worn it in a year, you won’t wear it this upcoming year either – it is time to let it go.
  • Is this your style? Everyone has made errors in judgement. That neon baby doll dress you bought on an online sale, but you never actually wore? You know it’s terrible, so get rid of it now,
  • Does it fit me, and is it comfortable? Space in your cupboard is limited, and it is not worth either your time/effort to cling to items that you cannot wear any longer. Before you decide to keep a piece, try them on and see how they feel. If those jeans feel too tight, or a shirt is no longer your size, then choose to discard or donate it to someone if it is in a wearable condition.

3. Organise

Organise - Live More Zone

It always works best if you have a specific organising theme in mind. You can keep all your dresses together, and then do the same with all the other pieces. Or you can put all your daily wear clothes and follow it up with evening wear. Or perhaps break it down into casual section, workwear section and party section. Depending on what organising system you prefer, you can arrange your clothes and accessories in that manner. This way you know which pieces go where and you can easily find it when you need it and put it back in the same place later. Having an organising theme helps in keeping your closet organised for a more extended period.

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4. Less Is More

Less Is More - Live More Zone

Gone are the days when you need a whole bunch of clothes. With the right items, you can create multiple looks with a handful of pieces. If you have confined closet space, invest in capsule collections of 12-15 pieces that can be mixed, matched, and restyled. You won’t need a whole lot of closet space, and you can add and remove fragments along with time. Since you have a limited number of articles to store, it will be easy to manage your closet and keep it neat and decluttered.

5. Box And Store

Box And Store - Live More Zone

As much as we wish we had a massive closet like a Hollywood celebrity, chances are most of us have a cupboard or two to keep all our stuff. Often that space is not enough to hold all your things, and you start running out of closet space. To avoid overcrowding, the next best thing to do is stock up your stuff in boxes and storage bags. This is an effective way to store seasonal pieces that you don’t need daily. You can box up your monsoon and winter clothes and shoes and store them away. Or you can put all your bags, shoes and accessories in boxes to create more space in your closet. Along with creating more space, boxing and storing also is a great way to keep your pieces safe and damage-free.

With all your clothing woes gone, you can now gaze upon your newly revised wardrobe and see it with fresh eyes. Assess what’s there and determine what you need. Then, and only then, can you head back out to the stores – however, we recommend you stick to what you have or upcycle your clothes so that you do have to resort to buying new clothes.



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